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Something that I will always keep dear to me is the Harry Potter series. Ever since the final movie came out in 2011, I've had a four-year-old hole in my heart. The best thing about the world of Harry Potter isn't just the magic, but the characters. Oh, how I miss Hermonie's quick wit, Ron gorging himself with food and Harry's humble smile. Maybe these stories can bring a little magic back into my life.

1. James and Lily's Love Story

It's not the typical love story. James was quite an arrogant jerk in his youth and the extreme rival of Lily's close friend, Severus Snape. On the other hand, Lily was the vivacious, beautiful, bright young witch that James pursued since his start at Hogwarts. Even though they were both from Griffindor, James' egotism and status at the school repulsed Lily and so she demised him for many years. It wasn't until their final years at Hogwarts when James stripped himself of his major negative qualities and Lily, impressed by his change, reciprocated his love and they were married at just 18! Now that's a love story made for the big screen! If Twilight got its own set of movies, then this should definitely merit at least one!

2. Tom Riddle Transforming into Lord Voldemort

Growing up as an orphan, Tom Riddle was a very different child. He realized his powers early and once introduced to the magical world, he discovered the means to amass great power. From changing his common name to emerging as the Dark Lord himself, Tom's dark turn into Lord Voldermort is surely alluring. The fall of an incredible mind into the depths of the Dark Arts - oh my, why is this not a film yet?

3. The Deathly Hallows Legend

Even though it was beautifully animated and executed in the movies, the story has so much depth and a strong lesson that it would make a splendid tale to tell much more thoroughly. I imagine it to be an animated story that is rich with marvelous imagery and an enriching score. Death would have a quirky yet wise personality with the three brothers all having complex characterizations of their own. A wondrous story, maybe for the children.

4. Snape's Sad Friend Zone Story

Snape noticed Lily in her muggle home back when they were young, the pair became immediate friends. However, it is known that Snape developed a liking for Lily that lasted until the day she died. His unrequited love, hostile family life and hardships with James Potter all make for a fascinating story. Extremely talented in the Dark Arts, Severus became an amazing wizard but will always be missing something in his life; something he always wanted but could never have, Lily (Evans) Potter.

5. Draco Malfoy's Turn to the Dark Side

The Pureblood that was raised to resent every Muggle, his journey to the dark side is intriguing and alluring. Wouldn't it be incredible to see Malfoy fight the hard fight with his family while confused about the kindness he sees from Dumbledore and sometimes Harry? It's the internal struggles and conflicts which make Malfoy's story so compelling. However, Rowling has just clarified that Malfoy has "seen his parents suffer for their allegiance, and had witnessed the crumbling of all that his family had believed in," and now has a wonderful family with fellow Slytherin, Astoria, and son Scorpius.


Which Harry Potter story would you like to see?


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