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Oh yeah another Jason Todd theory, we all know how much the world has been loving those! Now before you start writing hate comments or close this window, hear me out. I realize people are sick of these theories of Jason being someone else, but don't worry, he still has his identity, and I might just blow your mind. Okay I probably won't, but still I usually don't post theories unless the pieces of the puzzle seems to fit. *spoilers for Arkham Knight*

Robin's existence

The trailer makes it pretty clear that Robin was once alive at some point, but at the hand of the Joker, is now dead. Or so we think...

Get to the point, where the hell is he?

Very well, my readers ask and receive.

Okay, I'm very well aware i just lost half my readers and the other half are calling me an idiot in the comments. But after careful thought and consideration, some things point to him being the old Boy Wonder.

Let's take a look at what we know, Bruce has been Batman and retired over the course of about 20 years. At some point during that time, he got and then lost his sidekick. If you look at the suit, you see he was a young adult at this time. Then after he is presumed dead, Batman retires and the years go by, letting Robin grow older, and under his circumstances (which we'll get to in a bit) lose muscle and grow skinnier.

But what about the bat-symbol branded on him?

Ah yes, we can't forget about this:

One thing i'm sure of, is Batman isn't branding people. I mean, why go through the trouble? It's not like a batarang hit him that way, since it'd it him horizontally no vertically. And the fact that Batman would actually brand a criminal, doesn't sit right with me. That isn't something Batman would actually do. It could be argued that it's a way to alert the world he's back and it's just a random criminal, but i feel like there are way better ways.

So, why would Jason Todd have a Bat symbol branded on him?

So since Batman didn't brand our presumed Jason, who did? Take a wild guess:

Yep the Joker (who is actually the Joker) tortured Jason, then branded him with a batarang. Most likely even this one from the trailer:

I mean, it's stuck on the wall, you really think Batman would brand a guy, then go through the trouble of just, throwing it on the wall? Looks pretty dumb when you picture it in your head. At least it makes more sense for the Joker to do it, as a little calling card for Batman, and Joker would've probably have one, seeing how Batman has probably thrown his fair share at him.

And with all this, we also get a branded Jason Todd, which is not something entirely new.

In the game, it was a J on the face, which helped lead into Jason being Joker in Suicide Squad. Another thing you remember in this game, is Joker torturing him until he hated Batman. That can be done here, then with once he solidified his hate for Batman the Joker brands him with a Bat symbol, just to mock him. So the Joker tortures him while Bruce is retired, then when he sees that he's back, he decides to leave him a present. Then the spirit of gifting carries on to Jason, so he sends Bruce a little something.

In this he talks about not only his work family, but himself as well. This part is also a stretch, but red writing, could be a coincidence, or a nod to Red Hood! Probably just a coincidence though.

Now whether or not you believe me that this is Jason Todd, it's interesting to think about what exactly happened to him. And how that will play into Bruce's life later in future Batman films. I hope you enjoyed this article and aren't to mean in the comments. Still, I would love to hear your guy's thoughts on Jason and if we'll ever see him again, hopefully as Red Hood. That's it guys, take care!


Do you think this man is Jason Todd?


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