ByTony-stark Anshutz, writer at
Tony-stark Anshutz
It's the same as liberals jumping on conservatives as villians. In civil war there really is no villian. It's just two different opinions about how to keep people safe. Cap wants to protect identies, and thr love ones involved in those identities. While Stark wants to protect civilians. Stark only wants people to be trained and held accountable for their actions. How many people die in the cross fire when an untrained new superhero is out using his powers for the first time? Stark wants to put an end to the whole wiping out half of new York trying to stop a bank robbery. Most states require you to take a hand gun safety course before purchasing a hand gun. Well these super hero's wield a lot more than a handgun they need to be trained. Why is Hawkeyes family more valuable than the scores of civilians caught in the crossfire? And that's only if the list happens to get leaked to the an enemy? Which in the comics stark, in true hero fashion, gives his life to make sure doesnt happen. So should we worry more about a what if or what is actually happening.

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