ByWahley Yusuph, writer at it as realistic as possible and make the viewers get lost in what they are watching, marvel dont have that, der are places to chip in comedy nd funny lines like when they were all trying to lift the hammer, good, not when a full city is literally floating int he sky and earth was about to go extinct in some few minuites if nothing was done, give us that balance, dont go dark jst be alittle more serious, im into the movie about to see what next, how they are saving lives, which of the avengers might not survive nd then i hear a joke, this jst makes Marvel all too shallow and the car shold have just dropped, i was waiting to see cap take off his mask and burst into an emotional craze, jst what the f*ck was thor doing der ? he had a whole city to save and he jst happened to be were cap was failing to save a civilian ?, nd seeing Stan Lee in all the movies is jst stupid, i mean we know you own marvel, dont show up in a movie and take out the seriousness. Avengers AOU was a good movie but it could have been great,Man of steel was waay better, DC knows how to bring a certain amount of seriousness and realisim into a movie, i mean a man turning into a green giant, a norse God with a hammer, a guy fighting aliens with a bow and arrow, a man from another planet wearing a red cape is already a joke, dont push it during convos and make evrything funny, at a point it jst gets boring, besides Marvel villains are jst crap, very few of them actually deserve the title villains, they have a lot to learn from ManOfSteel in that aspect... if you dont want a dark serious movie, striaight up make a comedy or romace movie, but it a movie were der are some seriously powerful villains, u need to get very serious especially at the climax and dark at some point or some places, the only thing i liked about the villain Ultron was the voice and thats cos i love the guy

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