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As we obviously all know Batman and Superman fight at some point during [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) hence the title name. Now so far there has been speculation and rumors on who will come out victorious and fans have made their points on who should win. There was even a certain plot leak(which has been confirmed fake) telling us who the winner is. But disregarding all that, this article will be a little different. I will actually be making both an argument for both sides on why they should win or lose... kinda like a debate. Let's get started.

Batman's side

Batman's case of winning: Batman should win the fight against Superman he needs to prove something to himself and Superman. Zack Snyder has said Batman is conflicted internally because he will question himself as a hero when there a being like Superman around. Is he really something more or is he just some vigilante running around the dark alley ways of Gotham? Also adding he might want to prove to Superman that he needs to be held accountable for his actions and not just use your abilities when need be. If Batman wins maybe he will have that spark that he once had and prove to himself that he isn't just some scared little boy playing dress up in a bat costume.

Batman's case of losing: Batman needs to lose against Superman to ultimately see the good in the Man of Steel. If Batman were to win would he ever see Superman differently? Batman losing could change his outlook on life and realize he was in the wrong doing for going up against Superman. He will then come to realize that maybe Superman is just what Earth needs. In the process, Superman could bring Batman out of the dark and into the light.

Superman's side

Superman's case of winning: Superman should come out on top against Batman simply because he Superman...just kidding! But seriously he should win to show Batman something. To show that he isn't the bad guy and that he tried his best to save the people of Metropolis. Batman also probably thinks of Superman as a murder and we all know what Batman number one rule is. So Superman beating Batman may ultimately change the cynical mind of Batman.

Superman losing: Superman needs to let Batman win for him to ultimately realize accountability. In most adaptations of of the character he realizes that accountability needs to be taken account for. In Snyder's world that theme is exploring that theme in Batman vs. Superman. Kal-El needs to look at Batman point of view and the world and realize why there frightened of him. Him realizing that will ultimately change his whole persona and outlook of things. One of the things that need to happen in Batman vs Superman is the evolution of Superman as a character. Him holding back and losing in the grand scheme of things will show that character progression.

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