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In 2007, Bioware introduced us to a futuristic version of our galaxy and took us on an epic journey of discovery and ultimately the salvation of the entire universe. Mass Effect was a phenomenal tale about a human soldier thrust into the limelight as he/she had to lead a ragtag collection of humans and aliens on a voyage to learn to trust each other in order to save the galaxy that they all share.

Now given that the game is an RPG that takes individual players' choices into consideration, making a movie out of this would be highly difficult. There is no way to truly please everybody, so I am simply doing this from my own perspective. I am only focusing on the first game in the series, and I may take it further into the series in the future.

Commander Shepherd

As the player character, Commander Shepherd could be either a male or female, and this is where the biggest issue lies. So I will give a choice for each option.

Male Shepard - Joel Edgerton

Still young in his acting career, Edgerton is an ideal choice to play our male Commander stepping into the biggest moment of his life.

Female Commander Shepard - Cobie Smulders

Showing her action chops in her time alongside the Avengers, Smulders could really stand out even further with a role like this. She is ready to have an opportunity to own her own film.

Ashley Williams - Erica Cerra

Cerra really stood out in her role as Jo on Eureka. She has the look down pat, and I think, given the chance, she could definitely impress with this role.

Kaiden Alenko - Theo James

James' career has really started to take off the last few years. He has joined the Underworld franchise, starred in the Divergent franchise, and even had a short-lived TV series. A role in something like Mass Effect would be another solid notch in his belt.

Garrus Vakarian - Kiefer Sutherland

This was an easy pick in my opinion. Who better to play a veteran soldier looking to make an impact than Jack Bauer himself. I would love to see Sutherland take a crack at this role.

Urdnot Wrex - Ron Perlman

The Krogan mercenary is a hard-nosed, grizzled warrior, and Perlman definitely fits that bill. Roles such as Hellboy and Clay Morrow are great lead-ins to a choice like this.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya - Gal Gadot

Tali is a young, brilliant technical mind off on her Pilgrimage. Gadot, I feel, could capture the innocence of Tali, while bringing her brilliant mind into play very well.

Liara T'Soni - Gemma Arterton

Though young in appearance, Liara is much older than she appears. She is a very intelligent researcher along with being a talented biotics user. Arterton is a beauty who carries herself much the way I would imagine Liara to.

Jeff "Joker" Moreau - Ethan Embry

I know, I know, Seth Green should have the chance to play Joker in a movie. Well, I wanted to avoid any of the voice actors for my fan cast and I think Embry has the look and the talent to bring the humorous pilot to life.

Captain David Anderson - Tony Todd

Again, Keith David voices the character so well he would be a good choice for a live-action film, but I think Tony Todd would be a solid alternative. He has the look for the character and is a great actor.

Dr. Karen Chakwas - Helen Mirren

Mirren is a wonderful actress and I think possesses everything that I see in Dr. Chakwas. This was just another no-brainer of a pick to me.

Saren Arterius - Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons just oozes villain. Given that this role would involve CGI or mo-cap, I believe he could do well in bringing Saren's personality and nature to life masterfully.

Matriarch Benezia - Cate Blanchett

Second behind Saren as villain and also Liara's mother, Benezia is an intriguing and deep role. Blanchett has proven her ability time and again and I believe she could have a lot of fun with this role.

I would love to see an adaptation of the Mass Effect series, but at the same time I would love to see an original film set in the universe of ME. Get someone like Neill Blomkamp to helm it and I think it could be amazing.


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