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There has been buzz about seeing The Riddler in the DCEU ever since we saw a green question mark graffiti in the trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and because of this me and fellow creator Trent Tofte have decided to come up with five actors each to play the quizzing criminal (be sure to click on Trent's name and check out the other half!). So riddle me this you raving readers of the Moviepilot world: Who has what is takes to challenge the Bat?

1. Kevin Spacey

Yes, I want Lex Luthor to play The Riddler. Get over it, Superman Returns is way in the past! Kevin Spacey has the perfect balance of charisma and evil to play a character of The Riddler's magnitude, and could certainly redeem the role after Jim Carrey! At 56, he's perfect for Snyder's aged Gotham, and certainly has the acting skills to bring the character to life. Look at his character in House of Cards, it's practically a resume for The Riddler!

2. Jonny Lee Miller

Come on, Sherlock Holmes is perfect for The Riddler! Miller has shown that he can speak in enigmas fluently, and he's no stranger to being a cold, calculating murderer. Watch the movie Mindhunters, he really is The Riddler! He's 42, so the perfect age to fight a 43 year old Ben Affleck, and with the slow decline of his career in recent years, bringing this fan-favorite character to life could do wonders for him! I have complete faith in Miller, and I believe that he could make this character a serious threat again.

3. Edward Norton

Drawing into Marvel's discarded actors pile now, Norton has the legitimate reasons to go to DC, and the perfect skills to play The Riddler! He had such a big falling out with Marvel, it makes sense that he would try his hand at DC's connected universe, and who better than The Riddler? He has such a charisma and personal connection in all of his characters, and I feel he could do to The Riddler what he did to The Hulk, and make the character better for everybody again. He has such an unhinged look about him, yet is so calm all the time (perfect examples of this are in Fight Club, American History X and The Incredible Hulk), and I feel that he has all the skills needed for this character down perfectly.

4. Steve Buscemi

While Buscemi is a little older and, uh, rough around the edges, I think he could still make a great Riddler. Look at him in the movie Con-Air for instance. He's proved that he can play characters that are smarter than everyone else, and pose a legitimate threat. Coming back into the mainstream in recent years with the TV show Boardwalk Empire, Buscemi could definitely be taken as a serious actor and villain in a role like this, and I would like to see that happen.

5. John Cusack

Cusack has fallen off the map lately, but he's still one of the best actors out there when it comes to double performances. Now, you would think this trait would be needed more for, say, The Joker, but The Riddler is just as well. I believe that Cusack could make the switch from a regular awkward weirdo who loves puzzles by day, to a murderous serial killer weirdo who loves puzzles by night perfectly. He's shown in almost all of his movies that he can play murderously cold versions of himself, and I would love to see that played onto The Riddler.


So, who do you think would make the best Riddler?


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