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In this new generation of Harry Potter, I can’t help but wish sometimes that the stories didn’t become so popular. I met Harry when I was eight years old on the carpet of my third grade classroom and I wanted to be a writer ever since. Sometimes, I feel like the whole world is in on this little secret of mine. Although I’m forever grateful for the movies, the merchandise, the fellow Potterheads, and the theme parks, nothing will ever compete with the complete euphoria that the books gave me back then, and continue to bring me even as I get older.

My Mission: Create a Universe

If I had one mission in life, it would be to deliver an incredible story in the way that J.K. Rowling showed me. Although I don’t wish to base my future endeavors on the success of others, I inspire to bring the world my imagination that’s privy to a universe full of insight, relatable characters, and beatific scenery that will bring readers together to help expand their own imaginations. Rowling’s words hold a power that are supernatural in their own way, and now, it’s my turn.

There are only a few items in my arsenal that I think I need to accomplish this task, and they fall nothing short of magic.

What I’ll need:

Time Turner (Hermione Granger)

"I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do."

The ability to turn back time would supply me with countless opportunities to educate myself. I would use the Time Turner for the same reasons Hermione does: to turn back time in order to take more classes.

Education has no limits, and while I thrive to continue to learn throughout my life, there are plenty of times in my past where I could have, and wanted to, take an extra class or two. Stories derive from peoples' experiences, and I can only imagine the inspiration I could gain from learning in classes like Psychology and History 101.

Felix Felicis (Harry Potter)

I am not one who believes in omens or that everything happens for a reason. To successfully complete a mission, one needs to be equipped with smarts, wit, ability, agility, and ultimately, luck.

Felix Felicis (or Liquid Luck) is small potion that allows the drinker to be adorned with a small period of good luck in which all of their endeavors will be successful. Harry uses this potion when he can't get Professor Slughorn to reveal to him the truth of Voldemort's past. The draft blindly leads Harry to find Slughorn and enabled him to finally gather the truth.

The mission to create an iconic universe is daunting and intimidating. At times, my confidence wans and my writing abilities become diluted. Felix Felicis will supply me with heightened confidence and a sense of infinite opportunity. After drinking the potion, I will have the ability to be successful in whichever way I deem necessary. Whether it's writer's block, lack of confidence, or being turned down by publisher's, Felix will secure my bestseller.

I can't help but think that the publisher that finally picked up Harry Potter was Rowling's very own Felix Felicis.

Love (J.K. Rowling)

How would have any of our favorite heroes and heroines have gotten along in their missions without the help and love of their sidekicks?

Although Harry was proven to be like the dark Lord Voldemort in many surprising ways, the key to their differences was the love Harry possessed. This deluxe piece of magic was left to him by his mother, which saved his life. Sadly, Voldemort never had love since he was institutionalized since birth. J.K. Rowling makes it clear that to love is one of our greatest abilities.

Harry’s missions are continuously only made possible with the help of his loved ones. Whether it was Ron in the Chamber, Hermione and her Time Turner, Neville in the Triwiazrd Tournament, the DA in Order of the Phoenix, or the ghost of those passed, they all helped him accomplish the ultimate mission: to destroy the biggest evil threat to the world.

My mission could not be completed without this most vital piece of magic. The love and encouragement from family and friends is what drives me forward every day. The idea of completing this mission is only more forcefully achieved with the thought of improving the lives of my loved ones and those I wish to inspire.

It was, after all, the love of the Harry Potter books that assigned me to this mission in the first place.


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