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Inside Out is directed by Pete Docter and is the latest Pixar film to grace the big screen. The film follows the emotions inside a young girl called Riley's head. The last few Pixar films have either been uninteresting or a unnecessary sequel *cough* CARS 2 *cough*, but Inside Out is a much needed breath of fresh air.

This is Pixars most original film in ages. It's clever, heartfelt and completely different, there is no other film like this. The concept and world that the film builds up really works, the way that small things we take for granted in our heads are explained and make sense. The film also looks fantastic, it's bright, colorful and full of energy.

Even though this is a kids film some children may not get it. Young children aged about 5 will find it entertaining and pretty to look at but you will appreciate the film more depending on how old you are. As you grow up you can watch the film in a different way, certain elements and jokes will fly straight past young children. To know what kind of film you're going in for all that needs to be said is that it has the same director as Up, a more mature kind of kids film.

Each emotion works as well, they play off of each other very well and the ways that they become useful in certain situations is a good way for giving them extra screen time. As well as there being a few chuckles along the way their is also a lot of emotion in this film, this harks back to Pixars earlier films and I have to admit i did cry a couple of times during Inside Out.

I loved Inside Out. There are a few moments that do feel a little slow but it is a mature and fun take on quite a tricky subject for a kids film. Pixars best in ages


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