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Recent comments have been made regarding [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) that - depending on your point of view - Batman could be looked at as the villain of the movie. So, with that being said, what could Batman do that could potentially make us look at him as a villain? Down below are a list of outcomes which could make us look at Batman as a villain.

Less than approved methods...

This incarnation of Batman seems to be a little on the brutal side of things when it comes to taking care of criminals in Gotham. And those methods that Batman might be dishing out might not be so approved by the people of Gotham. Since this Batman is considered a "myth," it is safe to say he isn't on the the right side of the law and Gotham never approved of the presence of the Batman in the first place. His sudden return could get the interest of law enforcement in Gotham and the likes of Superman. This could explain this scene right here and Superman's disapproval of Batman's methods.

Crusade against Superman

Batman has a personal vendetta against Superman for what went down in Metropolis during Man of Steel. Blaming Superman for that, and fearing what could possibly happen if Superman goes rogue, he makes it his mission to destroy the Man of Steel at all costs. Now, in this situation Batman is obviously going to be looked at as the aggressor, since Superman probably wants to have peaceful talks with the Caped Crusader.

Batman crosses the line

Ok so this Batman is gonna be darker than previous incarnations of the character on the big screen, but could he possibly cross the line he promised he would never cross? In this GIF, you can clearly see the batjet firing upon a group of armed men, and from the looks of it, they're dead or impossibly extremely injured. Now, Snyder's Batman obviously has no problem using guns as he has them on the front of his batmobile, and details emerged that he would be carrying a machine gun. But could Snyder's Batman cross the line and have no problem breaking his no-kill rule? From the looks of it, it seems so, as we're really getting a brutalized, gritty version of the Dark Knight. I highly doubt he will kill, but just in case he somehow has no problem with killing, then the audience could really start to look at Batman in a different way. Maybe even in a villainous spotlight? Oh, and let's not forget this little neck snapping scene right here, even though I don't think that's Bruce Wayne under the mask. But for now let's just assume that is him.

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