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It's been a few months since Dimension officially announced the new Halloween movie. And since there have been so many unconfirmed rumors about the project, a lot of fans can't really be sure if they're excited about the film or not. But fear not. The new Halloween flick is indeed worth getting excited for.

Here's Why...

5. Alan Howarth Might Score It

Known for scoring Halloween 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Alan Howarth is probably the only composer who can really do a Halloween soundtrack like John Carpenter did with the original movie. Mr. Howarth knows that too. Here's what he had to say about scoring the Halloween Returns.

"Let's think about this for a second. If they're going to go back to the original format, and the look and feel and sound of that stuff, why wouldn't they want me to do the music? I'm the one guy that knows everything. I think it'd be great if the fans sort of used social media to let the producers know they really want that to happen."

And that's just what happened. A fan read that, and relayed the message to the director of the new Halloween movie, Marcus Dunstan. Who expressed great interest in allowing Howarth to potentially score Halloween Returns.

4. Director / Writers

On the set of the original Halloween
On the set of the original Halloween

The writer and director of the new movie have already written a few successful horror flicks. Including Saw IV-VI and the Collector movies. But the best thing about this pair is that they actually care about making a good Halloween movie. In the past, certain directors of the sequels only wanted to cash in on the franchise's success.

3. The New Movie Will Try and Get Made in the Fall

Pumpkin from Halloween 6
Pumpkin from Halloween 6

The new flick is currently aiming to shoot in the fall, so the movie can actually have the look and feel of Halloween. Again, in some of the past Halloween movies, it didn't even feel like it took place on or around the holiday. In part four they didn't even use real pumpkins!

2. This Movie Won't Be a Sequel to Rob Zombie's Last Halloween Film

Nothing against Rob Zombie's first Halloween movie. It definitely did a great job of separating itself from the original classic. But the last Halloween movie was just a little to far out there for me, personally. Maybe if the movie stayed in the hospital like the original did, it would have done a LOT better. Thankfully, the people behind the upcoming film have decided to go in another direction.

1. The New Movie Will Try to ''Honor the Original''

"We are putting our all into this opportunity to honor the O.G."

That's a tweet from the director himself. It's obvious they're trying to make this Halloween work. Just look at the facts. The director is even taking it a step further and is trying to shoot the movie with the famous Panaglide camera. The same camera used to beautifully shoot the original Halloween flick. That again supports the fact that this installment will be great.


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