ByMichael Pratt, writer at
Screenwriter, Lover of Cinema and TV

I started watching Fear The Walking Dead because I like zombies. But, I'm going to keep watching because of Frank Dillane and, well, California. I've always had a romance with the west, especially in movies. And we are getting some great Cali vibes coming from Fear. But Frank Dillane has a real opportunity to become a phenom with this series. I see another Depp, unless he keeps going with the drugs and keeps acting like a strung out wimp. I think once the apocalypse starts in earnest, he'll have to clean up just from necessity and the need to survive. And everyone knows, a zombie apocalypse will turn any kid into a man, just look at Shane. This guy could be the coolest thing since Slater in True Romance, (Another Cali reference). He's got the looks, the charm, and he brings the cool. That stolen outfit he put on getting out of the hospital? Perfect. I can't wait to see where this character takes us and I believe he'll be carrying the show soon, just like Daryl did for Dead, with hordes of zombie like fans following him. Unless, of course, he keeps breaking down crying every time something bad happens or on the other hand, gets eaten.


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