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Justin Bieber (21) is a singer/Songwriter. But he's also an actor. Sure in Music Videos u experience stuff. But he also did 1 or 2 Short films. He had his Believe movie. NCSI and now going to star in Zoolander 2 and the voice of KITT in Killing Hasselhoff.

But i got some roles and some serie(s) i would make for

The Shadowhunters Chronicles.

Justin Bieber as Jace Herondale

(All 6 Books into Movies)

I would love that.

The Shadowhunters Chronicles: City Of Bones (2017)

The Shadowhunters Chronicles: City Of Ashes (2018)

The Shadowhunters Chronicles: City Of Glass (2019)

The Shadowhunters Chronicles: City Of Fallen Angels (2020)

The Shadowhunters Chronicles: City Of Lost Souls (2021)

The Shadowhunters Chronicles: City Of Heavenly Fire (2023)

Victorious (For MTV) (40 Min)

Justin Bieber as Beck Oliver

Beck is canadian, so is Justin and they look alike (A Bit, not 100%, Maybe like 45%)

(5 Seasons)

Season 1 (2018-19) (12 Episodes)

Season 2 (2019-20) (13 Episodes)

Season 3 (2020-21) (24 Episodes)

Season 4 (2021-22) (18 Episodes)

Season 5 (2022-23) (23 Episodes)

Step Up 6 (2017)

As a new character. A Dancer (The sidekick of the Badguy in the movie)

Titanic (2019)

Justin Bieber as Jack Dawson

Justin and Leo are friends. Also a young guy in this movie, could make a great Re-Make for the future.

Footloose (2020) (150 Min)

Justin Bieber as Ren (And a surename)

New story line, NO dancing to No Music. We give Justin the lead with his singing and Dancing.

Music-Musical-Comedy-Drama (And maby a little Crime)

Furious 9 (2019)

Furious 10 (2021)

Justin Bieber as Jack O'Conner

Justin and Paul and his daughter were very close. So it would be nice to play his song in the other movie as a 16 or 17 year old boy. But still give Uncle Torreto the lead.

Box Movie (2024)

Justin Bieber as ...

He can Box, also he has the body, a little more work out, but he would be older.

There are so many more roles.

Also Justin was amazing at the VMA'S (i was there)

Check this out:

Bieber looks smooth and cool in this video.

He's working hard

Also i'm writting a short film (Music Video) for a good artist. Wish me luck.

I'm also writting a short/Medium Film of arround 35-50 Min.


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