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Being a die hard fan of the classic television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sarah Michelle Gellar, I believe that it would be a great idea if a ‘Buffy’ reboot/future film was created by the legendary, Joss Whedon. The show is based on Joss Whedon’s 1992 film of the same name. After the movie failed to top the box office, it was molded into a successful television series. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ ran on television from 1997 until 2003 and managed to garner wide critical acclaim and huge fan base. Even today, 'Buffy' is listed as one of the best television shows of all time.

I have been following the series since I was seven, and honestly speaking, it is the only show I’ve come across on TV that encompasses all genres including drama, horror, romance, thriller, some bits of humor, and lots of action. Unquestionably, the show has left a mark in the history of television and is still considered heroic in its time and space.

‘Buffy’ is certainly an inspiration for young girls considering that the series centers on the troubled journey of a young woman. There is not a single episode of 'Buffy' that has ever disappointed me as a fan.

In an interview, Gellar was asked whether an idea for a 'Buffy' film would surface or not. The 38-year old actress replied by saying that she is too 'old' for a Buffy movie and that the expectation level of all the fans would be rather difficult to top. Now, we all know that Gellar can surely pull it off! I mean, she is Buffy and will always be known by that name. Although the series concluded with a great finale episode, ‘Chosen’, I still believe that a potential ‘Buffy’ film could work wonders if Joss Whedon and the writers continued the story with a completely different plot. If there can be a fan film for ‘Veronica Mars’ why can’t there be one for 'Buffy'?

Secondly, it has been nearly six years since the Emmy Award winning actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a film. Without a doubt, a ‘Buffy’ film would prove a great comeback for Gellar’s career considering that she is known best as Buffy Summers. Additionally, the fan base of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ is very strong. Even today, the show is watched by millions of viewers’ worldwide. ABC Family had also aired ten best episodes of 'Buffy' over the summer. As mentioned, that leaves a question; wouldn't fans crave for more? Hell yes they would! If a campaign is launched for a potential ‘Buffy’ film, then there is a strong possibility that a movie can be produced in the coming years.

During Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s seven-year run, the show won and was nominated for many accolades including two Emmy Awards, six Teen Choice Awards (all swept by Sarah Michelle Gellar), twelve Emmy Award nominations, a Golden Globe Award nomination for Sarah Michelle Gellar and many other honors to name.

There are many episodes of ‘Buffy’ that I can relate to as a fan considering that they are too genuine for today’s television landscape. The cinematography, makeup and hairstyles are some of the best features of the show, keeping in mind that the technology was hardly futuristic at that point in time. Many people are unable to comprehend the bitter fact that before ‘Twilight’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘True Blood’, there was ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ Sadly, such series are poor follow-ups of shows as classy as ‘Buffy.’ Let’s hope that a potential ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ film takes place in the future. Amen that!


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