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In a recent interview, Captain America: Civil War stars Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie were asked humorously about the concept of a 'Cap and Falcon Buddy Comedy' to which they had a very positive response, pointing out how hilarious the concept could be.

But are Captain America and Falcon the only two who could make a hilarious pairing? After all, there are literally thousands of better Marvel characters, many of which would but heads with each other more than Cap and Falc. Here are seven other Marvel team-ups who could have their own hilarious sitcoms or buddy comedies.

1. Ant-Man and Hawkeye in One Bug-eyed Family

Needing a home, Scott Lang (Ant-Man) would seek out his friend and fellow Avenger Clint Barton (Hawkeye) for shelter. Scott would move into Clint's farmhouse with the entire Barton family as the new member of the household. He would consistently pull shenanigans but would always help Hawkeye get the family out of a jam, in all the funniest ways. Plus, Scott wouldn't need a huge living quarters. Maybe just a shoebox for his room. Ant-Man is such a different character, this show could end up being the new Alf!

2. Iron Man and War Machine in Iron Men

Iron Man and War Machine are practically the same, except Iron Man is way more popular. Despite this, these two friends would keep saving the world from impending doom and still get a couple martinis together later that night. Their different views on right and wrong would occasionally turn them against each other (as seen in Iron Man 2), but nothing could stop the iron clad bond between these two pals.

3. Wolverine and Cyclops in Two Men, Three Eyes, and Six Claws

Wolverine and Cyclops may not always get along, but they do know how to work together when they need to. Put them as a team going on seemingly impossible missions, and this pair of 'frenemies' will be getting the job done while making jabs at each other. Then, throw Jean into the picture, and you've got them competing even more. It could really be a funny show with each episode ending with them truly teaming up to finish the task, then hating each other again.

4. Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson in My Boss Doesn't Know He Hates Me

Everyone loves J. Jonah Jameson, especially the irony considering he employs his arch-nemesis Spider-Man without even knowing it. But when J. Jonah Jameson promotes Peter Parker (aka, Spider-Man) to be his personal assistant while he tries to unmask the spider once and for all, Jameson will always be one step behind when he thinks he's two steps ahead. This Tom & Jerry-like humor could make a hilarious sitcom, especially if J.K. Simmons returns.

5. Magneto and Quicksilver in A Magnetic Relationship

After finally getting somewhere in life, mutant extremist Magneto must face the most difficult challenge he will ever face: parenthood. He may have had a perfect life before hand (excluding the whole Holocaust business), but when his speed demon kid is tossed into his life, everything changes. The two are not very alike and consistently fight, but in the end they realize how much each one of them improves and expands the other's life.

6. Hulk and Mr. Fantastic in The Big Green Guy

Reed Richards and Bruce Banner are two amazing scientists who attempt to explore new realms of the scientific universe. But, though he does not know it, Bruce Banner is responsible for sabotaging their work as well. This would be caused by their scientific competitor Norman Osborn (or someone else deemed worthy) who use's Banner's nasty side to improve his own work and slow down that of Banner and Reed. There would be so much irony in this show with Reed and Banner waking up to find their work ruined, only to find out it was Banner who had accidentally ruined it in the first place. This would lead to Reed's confusion of how to treat Bruce and Hulk differently and a humorous acceptance of their ironic fate of them repeatedly chasing their tails..

7. Deadpool and Thanos in The Death Triangle

Marvel has its fair share love triangles, but one that is not really explored enough is that between Thanos, Deadpool and Death. Both Thanos and Deadpool are deeply in love with Death, who is a legitimate character in the Marvel comics. Turn this love triangle into a show, and you've got 'jokester' Wade Wilson and completely serious Thanos competing for the same girl over and over again in new ways, only to find out that she is only looking for the happy medium between funny and serious.


Which Marvel sitcom would you most want to see?


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