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Critics tell you what's broken. Fans tell you what works. I'm a movie fan.
John Carter
... all of their capability. Ronda Rousey is a fighter... she should keep fighting. If she wants to get good at acting she can take classes and keep trying out minor roles, but her ability to fight alone does not make her a potentially good action star. Chris Evans could NEVER beat G.S.P. in a fight, but in no way does that mean G.S.P. should play a lead in a Marvel movie. Ronda Rousey is an ok-ish actor that I've seen, but that is only what I have seen. I'm not in the audition room, and I don't know what she brings to the table. Auditions are the key. Think about it... If an actor was only ever cast to play a character like the ones they had played before, then there would never be new characters. Auditions are looking for something that hasn't been seen before (unless the movie stars Seth Rogan). So you can't exactly say that someone's previous performances are the only grounds with which to measure their potential. Potential is funny like that. You can't quantify it. Maybe Ronda Rousey has the ability to become an Oscar winning actor, but she has not had the right role or director to bring that talent to the surface. But as I am not casting, and I only have her prior performances to go off of, I have to say she is not a great choice for Captain Marvel. But I reserve the right to be proven wrong.

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