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Nathaniel Rego

Syrena was last seen gently dragging down a random guy underwater as they swam together toward freedom in the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Syrena shall return portrayed by Megan Fox rather than some female actress from the previous Pirates of the Caribbean film. She will aid her human love life, Captain Jack Sparrow, and the Black Pearl crew in battling Captain Kidd, a new villain in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, who will be allying himself with Angelica (Penelope Cruz). POTC 5 swash buckles into theaters 2017.

Pan won't be out until October of this year but it has been confirmed Rooney Mara from Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) shall portray the native princess and leader Tiger Lily who will aid Peter Pan in defeating Black Beard once and for all. Watch it all happen Mara as Tiger Lily in Pan, in theaters October 2015.

It's been confirmed at 2015 San Diego Comic Con that the actress who has done Barbara, Jim Gordon's former girlfriend, will return later in Gotham in its 2nd season to aid Batman (Kevin Bacon), Alfred, and Cat aka Selena Kyle, a young version of Catwoman, in battling evil in Gotham City under the alias: Oracle. Barbara might have almost killed Gordon's female coroner and best girl out of insanity in the end of season one but once she gets out of rehab, she will first be crippled by either Jack Jerome White aka The Joker or Harvey Dent aka Two-Face some time in season two. Barbara redeems herself by helping Batman and his allies when the 2nd season of Gotham premieres Sept. 2015 on Fox.


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