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I wanted to do this article for a while but I thought that waiting for the first season to end was the best way to have all the informations in hand to talk about the show.

The past decade, the Space Opera genre on TV has been forsaken if not completely abandoned. A few shows tried to fill the absence of masterpieces like Battlestar Galactica or Firefly but without never reaching their level in term of characters, storylines or thematics treated.

So when Syfy launched his new wave of Space Opera shows with Dark Matter and Killjoys, I didn't expect much from them but I knew I was going to watch them anyway. And I have to say, I was agreeably surprised.

Killjoys and Dark Matter both showed potential but after a few episodes, I started to feel more and more connected with the later.

Dark Matter is based on the comic-book of the same name and tells the story of "a group of six people with no memory of who they are and where they came from wake up on a starship. Naming themselves "One" through "Six" in order of their awakening, they stabilize their vessel and begin trying to figure out what happened to them."

While, the first episode started really slowly, there is a twist at the end that draw the outlines of what's the show is about and its challenges.

This show really focus on developing relationships between characters despite having no memory of what they were and what they did. Some of the characters look cliché at the beginning, a quiet samurai,a strange kid with weird dreams. However, the actors all did a pretty decent job at portraying their character even if I had, at first, my reservations about One.

Also, I'm happy to see that there is a strong female lead, Two, Five and also the Android all had their time to shine particularly in the last couple of episodes.

That's one of the things I like on the show. Despite being seven on the RAZA, each character got a backstory enough engaging. Even when a character seems to be more important than another, there is always an element that come to counterbalance it. All the crew work in a very organic way where each character have his role to play. Even the Android got more history than we think.

Not all of them were good people, some of them even did pretty bad thing in the past and no one is who they appear to be. But Dark Matter is also a show about redemption, vengeance, humanity. How make amend for things we don't even remember ? Is it possible to change who we are ? What does it means to be human? All those questions are addressed in the show and in a pretty good way.

Again, the show needs time to become engaging. Nothing is perfect and the first couple of episodes take their time to develop the story, maybe too much ? Episode Six is where the show starts to kick-off because it's when we got our first real, tangible informations about some characters. After that, every episode got his batch of revelations about the crew and the motivations of each characters.

With the huge cliffhanger the last episode left us with, I really hope SyFy will renew the show for a second season. Today, audiences are no longer a good indicator for the quality of a show.

For me, Dark Matter imposed itself as one of SyFy most solid and intriguing show and needs a chance to tell his story and extend his mythology. I see a lot of potential for this show. And if you stopped watching after two or three episodes, I really advise you to give it a shot !

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