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Publisher: shogakugan and viz media

Year published:2003-2008

story and art by Rei Hiroe

Black lagoon, is one series whether it be the manga or anime, that I would recommend to anyone.

but since I am doing a review for the manga I would have to say that the art and the action of the book are very well crisp and detailed, which is something that I could picture seeing as a live-action.

as for the story I will admit it started out slightly bland at first but as I read on, I started to get even more interested.


The story starts out with Rokuro Okajima who is just an average Japanese salaryman, living a normal life. but all that changes when his company asks him to deliver a disk to another of his companies branch, Wherein the midst of delivering the package to the destination, the ship he was on is high jacked by a rouge courier group named, Black lagoon traders, who were contracted by Balalaika of hotel Moscow, leader of the Russian Mafia.

While leaving the boat, one of the lagoon traders takes Rokuro as a potential hostage in order to get more money since they were only getting paid twenty grand for the job they were already on. which after stopping off in Roanapur for a break, they later find out from Balalaika that she would like to change the drop off point, and taking Rokuro as a hostage was a waste of time since his company decided to send out a strike team to either retrieve or destroy the disk he was carrying.

which soon after escaping the strike team's attack, The lagoon traders take Rokuro, now known as Rock back to their ship. while out on the water, now knowing that Rock's company has no intentions of complying to the mafia about the disk, The Lagoon Traders try to contact Rokuro's company to see if they would take him back. which also backfired, as well when the strike team show's up once again.

trying to escape, rock comes up with an idea to get rid of them once and for all by playing chicken and blowing them to the moon.

surviving their encounter, the traders make it to the new drop-off point where they meet both Balalaika and one of the executives from Rock's company who actually invites him back to the company. where in turn Rock refuses and ends up joining the Lagoon trader's

Anyway, in the second half of the manga they introduce Roberta the mercenary maid to the Lovelace family who is in search for her young master who was kidnapped by the drug cartel and handed over to the lagoon traders to be transported elsewhere.

and in order to find out what happens next I suggest you go out and by a copy of the book Or read it online.


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