ByJennifer Holmboe, writer at
Jennifer Holmboe
... HAS to do any thing for anyone but what thay want, if people keeping buying it, she'll keep selling it, and unless something changed since music began artists been doing what that like and people eat it up good or bad Influence, take Elvis Presley, I heard how when he first started how parents reacted, about how thay are about Miley, either she's got talent someone sees or she wouldn't have the fan base she has, and no one who give a crap what she's doing and how, even Elvis who is the king of rock and roll once sat where Miley sits. So maybe people have forgotten what it is to see talent or just be yourself. Who cares, my advice, if you don't like don't look, listen, or buy her music, don't go to her concerts or buy her stuff, but don't make the people who stop, currently were STILL a free country, freedom of speech is still in out construction, Miley is free to do, say and act any way she's likes untill she breaks the law and untill then she'll do what ever she like if you dislike it or not, if there's someone somewhere that likes her, she'll keep on doing her thing like every artist before her, including her dad, or do I have to remind you all about that old story again! How we loved/hated him too..

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