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Carl Peterson
...ts. I really question their taste if they do so though. It is all crap. she is not very talented. Also I never said it was not a free country. and sure she can do whatever she wants that is not against the law. I did speak about responsibility and morals. Whether she likes it or not, she has a moral obligation to her fans and to children. She is a role model whether she likes it or not also. She can be a good one or a bad one. So far she has chosen the latter. Again this is a question about morality. is she going to be responsible and care for others or is she going to continue to act selfishly and like a spoiled brat? BTW since we do live in a free country, I can criticize her and say in public (since she is a public performer) that she is immoral. Free speech goes both ways. Finally the argument in which you used Elvis is very weak. Just because other artists in the past were disliked or looked upon as a bad influence does not mean that it is okay for her to be a over-sexualized and poor role model. Heck I am sure there has been an artist that sacrificed animals on stage. That would sure bring out the haters and they would be looked at as poor role models. But in no way are their actions justified. Oh and please no more run-on sentences, they are very hard to follow, your first sentence was about half your post, that was incredible.

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