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Jamil Wright

You thought the Hulk was the strongest one? Think again. Here are 5 people who could physically beat the Hulk.

5. Thanos

Known for his Infinity Glove, Thanos is much more without it. Physically one of the strongest characters in Marvel, Thanos would give the Hulk a run for his money. Take a look.

4. The Flash

With the Speed Force, the Flash would diffidently beat the Hulk. Faster than the speed of light, the Flash would run circles around the Hulk easily. Being known to have even taken down Superman, The Flash would no doubt knock the Hulk from his feet. The Flash can go so fast he would make the Hulk look like a statue.

3. Apocalypse

The first Mutant, known as Apocalypse, could of course take on the Hulk. With the power of countless other Mutants, this dude is basically a one man X-Men team and could beat the Hulk. I won't say he would win with ease, but he would definitely be the last one standing.

2. Spawn

For those who know who Spawn is, you should already know that Spawn would probably take out the Hulk in seconds. With the power to basically do everything, Spawn would go through Hulk with ease... literally. Not to mention he killed God and the Devil, if I'm not mistaken.

1. Spider-Man

So as my #1 pick, I choose Spider-Man. Spider-Man in some cases may be the underdog, but not in this one. With super strength, spider sense, and unbelievable reflexes, Spider-Man would take down the Hulk for sure. I mean just look at these.

Who else do you think can take down the Hulk? Be sure to comment below and follow me for more!


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