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Zack Snyder has so far created two DC films, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and Man of Steel. Now Man of Steel is an incredibly divisive film among fans and critics alike for various reasons of course. And Snyder has been on the record for saying Batman v Superman will lay the entire foundation for the DC movie-verse. But this article will be explaining to you why Man of Steel is the true movie that planted the whole seeds.

Directly responsible for the events that will play out in Batman v Superman

What all playing out in Batman vs Superman is only happening because of Man of Steel. Why is Batman coming out of retirement? Because of Man of Steel. Why is Congress trying to bother Superman? Because of the events of Man of Steel. Why is Lex Luthor gathering Zod body? Because of what happened in Man of Steel. Batman v. Superman could have completely ignored the events of what happened in Man of Steel and became it a completely new story(even though it kinda is). Batman v. Superman is a continuation of the Man of Steel story and is responsible for some of the story elements that are unraveling in Batman v. Superman. It also responsible for certain key people coming out which leads me to my next point.

Kal-El Pod distress beacon

Remember the ship that Superman crash landed in on Earth in Man of Steel? Well it is responsible for in a way the entire future of the DC Extended Universe. The distress beacon that bought Zod down to Earth, well Zod wasn't the only one that heard that distress beacon.

In the Empire magazine edition for Batman v Superman it was revealed that other beings like Aquaman and Wonder Woman saw the beacon as well. And rumors are suggesting that a certain villain has heard that beacon as well and will appear in Justice League Part One coming in 2017.

So because of that one little distress beacon in Man of Steel it basically unraveled the whole future of the DC Extended Universe.


Rumors are suggesting that DC is making Batman the centerpiece of the DC Extended Universe and having everything revolve around him. Well let me tell you something that if wasn't for Superman arrival on Earth, Bruce Wayne would have never came out of retirement. Supposedly because of Superman existence all other "supers" are coming out of hiding and are going to make themselves know to the world real soon because of Superman. Like Amanda Waller says in the Suicide Squad trailer, "Maybe Superman was some type of beacon for them to creep back in the shadows". Superman has tied everyone together in the DCEU so far and it really Superman that is the cornerstone not Batman. Superman is the one and only centerpiece, like it should be.


In conclusion Man of Steel is the founding father of the whole entire DC shared universe and is responsible for planting the rich seeds of the future. And I personally think in time more and more people will come to realize this and appreciate Man of Steel for the truly great masterpiece of a film it was.

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Did Man of Steel laid the foundation for the DCEU?


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