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It's not even December yet. People have jumped over Stars Wars and are already waiting for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Stocking up because they are going to camp for the opening night. I will admit BvS will have a huge opening night because people have waited for decades for a movie like this. Will it be better than The Avengers. I do not know. I just love the debate, and that was my stance when the subject of a BvS movie. I do not know who will win but I know the debate will last for a long time, and that is what I love. DC and Marvel fans will disagree but if you are a fan of one or the other be warned. I will not pull punches on either studio. The question now is, with Marvel having such a huge lead (and yes they have a lead) on DC what must DC do to close the gap and pass Marvel?

This is not for the hardcore fans. You will see your favorites movies no matter what and you know it. The Green Lantern made most of its money the first few weeks. People loved the suit it wasn't until they saw the movie did they realize it was garbage. So while DC fans went in with hope in their hearts that the DC universe just opened. Marvel fans were loading up memes for all the trash they heard about Ghost Rider, and Daredevil. So here is my list of things DC must do to prove they are serious about the DC Cinematic Universe


I know DC has Batman and Superman. Those are your big two, DC's MJ and Scottie, Montana and Rice. But a universe is not made by just two Characters no matter how great they are. DC has thousands of Heroes and Villains that would work in a Movie. In a Solo Movie. Yes DC has put out a list of movies and possible release dates but I have new for you. They have done this before, so this is something that does not mean anything. This list is still only possible. They have set up to shoot a movie only to have another movie become more important to the Studio and titles like Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman were put in purgatory (yes there was talk of a Aquaman Movie don't believe me google it) never to be thought of again. I won't name heroes because...1. I would not get paid for my ideas, and B. DC has too many heroes with great stories to single out a handful. In simple terms DC need to expand the DC universe.


Yes I know Batman is awesome. I have seen the vs posts all over the net but a Justice League Movie cannot be a "Batman and his Bitches" movie. That's where Fox failed with most of the X-Men movies when they focused on the wannabe home wrecker named Wolverine. The battles need to be on a Worldwide scale. Take Man of Steel and amp it up by 1000. I know in teams there will always be infighting some things to explain but we cannot have another 2 hour movie with 1 1/2 hours focused on one hero. There is not I in team so when you do a team movie show the team.


This the #1 thing fans hate, if they had a chance they would do bad things to some writers of superhero movies without a second thought because of this. you can't use stories from one hero with another hero (I am looking at you CW). Now with that being said this could be your biggest way to get people into your source material. It was a selling point with Watchmen. I know the TPB's had a spike in sales after that movie came out. It stay as close as it could without looking cheesy. Yes people cry about missing the monster but you can't have it all. No that one point did not kill the movie. The pace of the movie bugged people but that is another story for another time.


Like I said earlier DC has so many characters that would work in a movie. They don't need to have big parts but an acknowledgment would work so well. There are so many facets to a comic book movie that not everyone needs to be on a screen for 90% of the movie. A conversation here and a shot during a battle there would be a great move by the Studio, and there is no reason DC cannot do this. it would prove even after all they can do the heroes need some advice or another perspective from someone else who is not involved in the plot. Yes DC has their Trinity but even they do not know everything, and yes that includes Batman.

With all that being said I cannot predict the success of any DC movie like some people try to and to be honest people who do that are as reliable as a meteorologist. Sure the may get one to two right but not enough for me to plan my day around what they say. What I can say is without all the venom that some people like to put in their argument. The debate will live longer after the movie is over. I just hope DC has not dug a whole they cannot get out of. For fans like me I keep holding on to empty promises and rumors. Its time for DC to put up or shut up. I for one hope they can put a dog in this fight. Only time will tell if the dog has teeth.


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