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Splash Mountain was usually been popular at Critter Country at Disneyland in Anaheim, California United States, which was a famous thrilling log-flume ride as ever since opened at Disneyland in California in 1989, as the reason why as one of the guest who has been proclaiming Splash Mountain to be taking it down to permanetly to removal to make way for new ride as more best water ride as BOAT VOYAGE than thrilling flume ride, it is because "SPLASH MOUNTAIN" has been based on the original old classic film as "Splash" (Song of the South), as this ride of flume is very unnecessary that this flume ride would be able to remain at Disneyland in California for the last long.

Also the issue, is that it seems the problem that the Log Flume ride of SPLASH MOUNTAIN in Anaheim California, that has NO Safety bars nor does Safety Belts, as it cannot be safe enough for guests, because some guests might get fall over the boat, and the only thing is more SAFETIER of SPLASH MOUNTAIN flume log ride is better ride at the Walt Disney World, because that has more a lot of Safety bars for the guests would love that version of that another Disney theme park in Orlando Florida, is more appropriate ride for safety enough than in California that does not have one, as since Frozen Ever After is replacing Maelstrom at Walt Disney World, it is time for Walt Disney Imagineering and D23 Expo would be expected to also have the new Disney ride of water transportation for the guests to take new experiences for to be having the new FROZEN EVER AFTER as a new Boat Voyage ride, is to be replacing the SPLASH MOUNTAIN in Critter Country at Disneyland in Anaheim, California US would be best way to confirm by Disney Imagineers is more comfortable for guests to change something new for Disney as well.

As here is one of the guest who wrote the letter to Disney Imagineer, and D23EXPO as written says:


Hi Disney! This is Jeffrey! I love this ride as now about In Anaheim, California US at Disneyland as I am COMPLAINING ABOUT "SPLASH MOUNTAIN" at Disneyland Resort and what to replacing Splash Mountain in Critter Country into something replacing different attraction like a show or better ride than this worst Splash Mountain because..

I really HATED "SPLASH MOUNTAIN" and so that is why I never attend to go on that worthless ride for alot of reasons and alot of my co-workers, teachers, family and alot of managers and friends at my church who DO NEVER ACCEPT to go Splash Mountain ride, and it seems right now than before that the way I see the new video on YouTube, it seems that there are NOT many much crowd people drawing huge line for Splash Mountain that much long anymore than before, so perhaps,

IF i hear about IF something NEW change for replacing SPLASH MOUNTAIN that can change into different attraction LIKE A SHOW or different RIDE as better change something else as much better than Splash Mountain as it is time to REPLACE "Splash Mountain" this year 2015 to replace into SOMETHING ELSE as better as possible can be,

as I just don't wish Splash Mountain would remain last long forever,

AS Better WATER adventure ride in Critter Country could be more better and funner to replace this summer as replacing SPLASH MOUNTAIN as into "FROZEN EVER AFTER" and because I do really interested in some better water rides as like a raft rapids, and so since when MAELSTROM was used to be there as water ride as boat Viking that was used to be at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida USA, but since Walt Disney World is now closed forever, while they were changing into FROZEN ride that coming 2016, and so now this time and this summer 2015, as if hopefully if you guys and Walt Disney Imagineering members can discuss about REPLACING "Splash Mountain flume ride" to having at Critter Country at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California In Orange County USA, as something I do not like Splash Mountain and a lot of people who disliked Splash Mountain that cannot last long and so I thought, that if you guys can discuss with Walt Disney Imagineer to plan this year summer 2015 to change into another new better and SAFETIER of cold water ride attraction to have "FROZEN EVER AFTER" ride to be Replace SPLASH MOUNTAIN this year and plan to announce Disneyland to be permanently final day closing forever of Splash Mountain in Disneyland in Anaheim California to make way for more excited original Viking boat of water ride as FROZEN EVER AFTER to be reopening for new Critter Country at Disneyland Park In Disneyland Resort in ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA USA this year 2015, and so more fans could enjoy ride as better than ever? Hope you understand and got this suggestion as possible to be working this out well hopefully
(Plan to Have new WATER RIDE as NEW "BOAT VOYAGE)

to have new Disney ride as


that based on Disney's Frozen to be new REPLACING "SPLASH MOUNTAIN" to be having new incredible ride as possible in Critter Country this year, just like when they are replacing a Walt Disney World where Maelstrom has been removed and replacing into new water boat voyage ride as well)"

"FROZEN EVER AFTER ride is to be expected to be replacing Splash Mountain in Disneyland Resort in California as soon as hopefully expected to be renew!"


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