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So if you're familiar with the Civil War comics then you know that during the events of the Civil War, the United states government start the superhero registration act, in which the superheroes would reveal their secret identifies to the world and be assigned to one of the 50 states, and become super powered cops - for example Spider-Man took off his mask on television.

But the MCU doesn't have secret identities and

The plot may be a little different, like maybe the registration act will require the heroes to do the government's dirty work, or try to weaponize them. I wanna hear your thoughts too so please leave comments.

What causes the registration act?

Well in the comics the new warriors ,a group of younger heroes,such as Namorita,and Nova,have a battle with some dangerous super villans, one of which was Nitro,during the battle Namorita tackles Nitro,and in order to escape Nitro blows up everything in sight including a neardy school full of children most of which die the government believed that if the heroes had'nt engaged the villans nobody would've die.The MCU is supposed to go with something else word has it that Captain America and Scarlett witch have a fight with Crossbones ,who during the fight is wearing a suicide vest ,when Cap realizes this,he orders Scarlett witch to take Crossbones up in the air so that the civilians were'nt hurt but his plan doesn't, work Crossbones blows up and a building full of civillians is destroyed ,this is one of the government's reasons for the superhero registration act,but besides this the government already has reasons to start the superhero registration act ,for example in the Avengers;age of Ultron the Hulk had an incident, and the Hulkbuster has to battle him in order to stop him from destroying all of Wakanda,but in the process the two destroy a big portion of Wakanda this is another reason for the superhero registration act .

Next, when Hydra infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D in the Winter soilder the government thought that S.H.I.E.L.D was no different from Hydra,this is another reason for the registration act and the most obvious one Tony Stark created Ultron,who tried to destroy the human race.

Who will side with whom?

On Cap's side anti registration we have me,Bucky,Falcon,Sharon Carter, Hawkeye, Antman on Hawkeye's shoulder and I don't know where she is but we also have Scarlett witch.

And on Iron-man's team the pro registration we have some shocking news our beautiful Black Widow has betrayed her best friends Captain America and Hawkeye, Black Panther another shocker, Vision our final shocker, because he's on the side of life and would try to stay out of the war not pick a side. War machine that was obvious, and Spider-man but he'll probably switch sides like in the comics.

My hopes

I pray that Natasha and Black widow are spies and I really do pray for this I also pray that the MCU will introduce new heroes such as Cloak, Dagger, Sentry ,the Thunderbolts;

and many more.

How will the film end?

Well in the comics Cap surrenders himself after realizing fighting was only killing people, and causing more damage, they were proving that heroes needed to be kept in line and that they needed to be registered, later on when Captain America went to court Crossbones snips him and Sharon Carter ,who is brainwashed finishes him off. Given the fact that Crossbones blows himself up at the beginning I don't know for sure if it will happen .Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and also Email me about anything Marvel, D.C and Star wars relates

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