ByMark Ramsey, writer at

"Do YOU ever dream of Freddy Krueger?"

That was the question I once asked Wes Craven.

He paused for a moment and mumbled "hmmmm."

Then, with perfect comic timing, he exclaimed, "No!"

That was Wes Craven. A man of great talents who was always capable of a surprise (if not a shock) endings.

I gasped when I read the headline that Wes had died, and I never gasp when I read headlines about Hollywood people dying. But most Hollywood people haven't populated a lifetime of nightmares. Most Hollywood people haven't created original franchises from the depths of their imagination which go on to become legendary. Most Hollywood people don't have the wit, the humor, and the impish, fertile, slightly twisted mind of Wes Craven.

As long as boogeymen in striped sweaters haunt our dreams, the "John Ford of the Horror Genre" will always live.

Thank you, Wes, for a lifetime of scares and memories.

Here's my conversation with Wes...


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