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This guy by the name of August Ragone has stated that the company Toho has in fact gotten directors Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno to work on the new Godzilla 2016 film.

He has stayed in contact with an inside source who wanted to remain anonymous. Plans are to update the original 1954 shodaigoji suit. Only this time, more frightening. This is a dream come true for die hard Godzilla fans such as myself.

No one really knows if Godzilla will be fighting another monster just yet. However, with all the news that has been released, I personally don't see another monster included in the mix. Especially if Godzilla is going to have that fear represented in himself again.

As more news is released, I will be sure to post it. Unlike the Godzilla 2014 film directed by Gareth Edwards, I'm really stoked for this. Anyone who knows Shinji Higuchi, knows or is familiar with his 1990's Gamera trilogy that took tokusatsu to the next level. The best part is, Shinji Higuchis recent film Attack on Titan beat DreamWorks minions in the box office in Japan. This is the first tokusatsu film in years to be number 1 in any box office.

Shinji Higuchi himself has stated that Godzilla next year will be traditional tokusatsu style filmmaking with CGI effects blended. This is truly something that every Godzilla fan out there should be jumping out of their chair in excitement.

I hope you all enjoy this big news. Please feel free to comment and we can discuss this together! Thank you.


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