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John Soda

(Keep in mind that I have almost no evidence to support my theory)

As a big fan of the DC Universe I was ecstatic when I heard the announcement of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I would follow other posts/articles about the movie to look for more information. I recently saw a video on YouTube that talked more about the Zod/Doomsday Rumor. Towards the end the guy said why it might not be true and one of his points was the one scene in the trailer where Batman is on the side of a building and he grapples away right before a huge energy blast demolished the building. Many people say that the beam came from Superman, but there a few problems with that:

  • 1) That beam was way too big to come from him. In Man of Steel we see his eye beams and they're thin and narrow, the beam in the trailer was freaking huge.
  • 2) If Batman didn't move he would've been incinerated and Superman doesn't kill people if he doesn't have to.

So that got me thinking "What other Superman villain would have laser vision and would require Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (and possibly Cyborg) to take down? Cyborg Superman. My theory is that LexCorp (Lex Luthor) and S.T.A.R. Labs (Dr. Sylis Stone) are working on a way to stop Superman since he's so powerful and they're afraid of this indestructible god-like being. So they decide to re-animate Zod's corpse (since he could go toe-to-toe with Superman) by using cybernetic technology (they would have to put a chip in his head so that they can control him). The experiment is a success but Zod's hatred for Superman is so strong that his mind some how "overthrows" the chip and now he wants revenge (after all Superman did kill him). He trashes the lab and in doing so he injures Victor Stone (Dr. Stone's son) really bad.

Now Cyborg Superman is on a rampage and Victor Stone is in really bad shape the only way to save him is with the cybernetic technology used on Zod. Dr. Stone trys to save his son and in doing so creates Cyborg (who has already been confirmed for the movie). With Zod's enhanced super abilities it will take the combined strength of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg to take him down. Another thing that fits in my theory is that Lex Luthor says in the trailer "The red capes are coming... the red capes are coming." He's obviously talking about Superman, but he only has one red cape. Is there another red caped being? Cyborg Superman has a red cape (sometimes). Or was Lex Luthor just trying to be funny like "The Red Coats are coming?" Well that's my theory, comment what you think of it and keep in mind I have little evidence of this theory so take it with a grain of salt.


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