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Marvel Comics (Timely Comics at the time) have been around since 1939 and has created thousands of characters since then. With so many characters, Marvel sometimes has to recycle names. Marvel has named so many of their characters after their own publishing company. Here is the run down of all of the characters named after Marvel.

Black Marvel

Name: Daniel Lyons

First Apperance: Mystic Comics #5 (March 1941)

Creator: Alfred Gabriele

Modern Day: Dead

Marvel Boy

Name: Robert Grayson

First Apperance: Marvel Boy #1 (December 1950)

Creators: Stan Lee & Russ Heath

Modern Day: Agent of Atlas

Marvel Girl

Name: Jean Grey-Summers

First Apperance: X-Men #1 (September 1963)

Creators: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Modern Day: Dead

Captain Mar-Vell

Name: Mar-Vell or Walter Lawson

First Apperance: Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (December 1967)

Creators: Stan Lee & Gene Colan

Modern Day: Dead

Captain Marvel

Name: Carol Danvers

First Apperance: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968)

Creators: Roy Thomas & Gene Colan

Modern Day: Active member of The Avengers

Ms. Marvel (Moonstone)

Name: Karla Sofen

First Apperance: Captain America #192 (December 1975)

Creators: Marv Wolfman & Frank Robbins

Modern Day: Active member of The Thunderbolts

Marvel Man (Quasar)

Name: Wendell Vaughn

First Apperance: Captain America #217 (January 1978)

Creators: Don Glut, Roy Thomas & John Buscema

Modern Day: His body was destroyed, but he reappeared as a being of pure quantum energy.

Captain Marvel (Spectrum)

Name: Monica Rambeau

First Apperance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (August 1982)

Creators: Roger Stern & John Romita Jr

Modern Day: Member of The Mighty Avengers

Ms.Marvel (She-Thing)

Name: Sharon Ventura

First Apperance: Thing #27 (September 1985)

Creators: Michael Carlin & Ron Wilson

Modern Day: She is a boss of a group of convicts called Power House

Blue Marvel

Name: Adam Brashear

First Apperance: Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (January 2009)

Creators: Kevin Grevioux &Mat Broome

Modern Day: Member of The Mighty Avengers

Ms. Marvel

Name: Kamala Khan

First Apperance: Captain Marvel Vol 7 #14 (September 2013)

Creators: Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker & G. Willow Wilson

Modern Day: Member of the All-New All-Different Avengers


Who is your favorite Marvel named Marvel character?

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