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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Fantastic Four has been getting a lot of hate recently, especially since the reboot was announced and people were hoping Josh Trank wouldn't screw up the movie. Sure the reboot had its moments, the moments that people hate and the moments that people love. Me personally, the only thing I love about the reboot, is only the dark and grittiness in it. It's darker, it's grittier and edgier. Remember the scene where Reed wakes up trying to control his ability for the first time? It looked as if it was straight out of a horror movie! Compared to the older version of the Fantastic Four, it was good (kind of), but I would prefer the rebooted version because I just love the fact that it's dark and gritty, that's one of the difference between the older movie and the rebooted version.

Another difference is the characters (duh), I wouldn't say I love the rebooted version, but more like, not a fan. Some characters I prefer the older version and some of them I prefer the rebooted version. But I would mostly prefer the rebooted version better. Comparing the characters between the older movie and the rebooted version I'd say both are kind of good though, starting with...

Mr Fantastic/ Reed Richards - Ioan Gruffudd and Miles Teller

I feel like the older version, the Ioan Gruffudd version is more truthful to the comics, the fact that he has the grey part of his hair for the sides is just the same as the comics, though Ioan Gruffudd's version is same as the original version of Reed Richards in the comics, Miles Teller's version is the same as the ultimate comics' version of Reed Richards. The ultimate comics' Reed Richards is a younger version of himself and more ultimate. Both of them are truthful to the comics, just to be clear the characters from the older movie are same as the original Fantastic Four while the rebooted version is same as the ultimate comics' version. Between these two people I'd prefer Miles Teller's version, because he can shapeshift, some might say that sucks but it's actually pretty useful, the CGI shows us what they can do with they're powers that we've never seen them do, Reed shapeshifting is one of them.


Ioan Gruffudd or Miles Teller?

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm - Jessica Alba and Kate Mara

Next is Invisible Woman, portrayed by Jessica Alba and Kate Mara. A lot of people complained about this choice because basically, some say she's too short for the role. How is that relevant?, Too short? Of course another reason is that, she's too young also. But which one is better? Jessica Alba or Kate Mara? Like I said the older version of the Fantastic Four is based on the original comics, and the rebooted franchise in based on ultimate comics, so yeah she's supposed to look young. Out of these two actresses, I still think Kate Mara is the better Invisible Woman, why? Compared to Jessica Alba's version, she's smarter and wiser. She, Reed and Victor worked on the machine together. Kate Mara has more brains than Jessica Alba's version, also wiser like the part where she persuades Johnny to not using his ability and letting himself be a lab rat.


Jessica Alba or Kate Mara?

The Human Torch/Johnny Storm - Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan

The Human Torches. Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan both play great Johnny Storms. To be honest I like Chris Evans' version better. Some people didn't want Michael B. Jordan to be Johnny Storm, basically because he's black. I don't think that's the problem, I thought he made an excellent Johnny Storm, but not as great as Chris Evans though. You know how Johnny Storm is a playboy, hothead, show-off, dickhead etc? Well Michael B. Jordan seemed like the angrier, typical and serious type of Johnny Storm. We didn't see him as the playboy he is, sure we did get to see his bad boy side but only in the beginning, until after they returned from the Negative Zone, after that there is no more Johnny Storm that we know and love, just an angry and serious guy whom we sort of like. Chris Evans can still crack up jokes when they're on a mission or anything like that, in fact we get to see his playboy personality too. With that being said I think Chris Evans is the better Johnny Storm.


The Thing/Ben Grimm - Michael Chiklis and Jamie Bell

Really there is no point of putting the actors' pictures instead, since they only spend half the time being human on-screen. What I love about Jamie Bell's version of The Thing is the rockiness, bulkiness and darkness of it. It's got a darker tone, bulkier rocks on his body and the horror-like shape. When I looked at the first look of Jamie Bell's , The Thing I thought "alright so I don't have to be scared when I watch him in the movie" (Of course by scared I mean a little scared) but when I saw the movie in the scene where Reed goes through the vents and sees The Thing from the vents I was like so scared and plus, did you hear his voice!? He's a big rock monster and with Jamie Bell's voice added to it, it becomes a horror movie monster you know. Though, Michael Chiklis' The Thing is truthful to the comics, he's got that rocking pants for him to wear, while Jamie Bell's The Thing is just butt ass naked, though it doesn't count when you have no dick right? Except for an ass. So I prefer Jamie Bell's version better, because I'm all just about the dark and grittiness of it. nothing else peaks my interest of loving Jamie Bell's version of The Thing. But Michael Chiklis' The Thing is truthful to the comics and a bit older and wiser, while Jamie Bell's version is a much younger Ben Grimm, which I think is better.


Michael Chiklis or Jamie Bell?

Dr Doom/ Victor Von Doom - Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell

Finally we get to the villain of the two films. Between 2005's Victor Von Doom and 2015's Victor Von Doom, I think both of them are just okay. In the rebooted film, Toby Kebbell's Victor Von Doom is younger and smarter (the same thing I said about Susan Storm). The rebooted Victor Von Doom is a guy who has been researching about teleportation to another dimension for a long time, and finally gives up after realizing it would be impossible to build a machine that lets you teleport to another dimension, after Dr Storm found Reed Richards, he goes to Victor and tells him about Reed's work. Victor becomes interested and helps build the machine. The older version of Victor Von Doom, is just a guy driven to rule the world, to become a god, to be the most powerful being in the world and that is just a typical version of Doom. Though I liked Julian McMahon's version better because it's just truthful to the comics and he's just a badass. The rebooted Victor Von Doom is more powerful, I like Toby Kebbell's version simply because he's younger and more powerful, despite being left in the Negative Zone for a year, I'm pretty sure he's the most powerful because he has more experience in the Negative Zone, learning about his abilities. The only thing I hate is the fact that his suit fused with his skin making him a monster. So yeah, Julian McMahon's version is better.


Julian McMahon or Toby Kebbell?


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