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Billy Dean Bogard

With a lot of movies, getting rebooted do we really need another Batman Reboot. The answer is yes, well kind of but I'm talking the origin of the future Batman. I my self am tired of seeing Bruce Wayne become the Batman, his origin has been done, so many times. We get it people who keep suggesting for doing Batman again and again. Bruce's parents die and he becomes something more cause he doesn't want any one to end up like him and he has a fear of bats and he becomes the batman. We have seen this story in almost every batman film and video games, we get it his life is messed up.

The Plot: The Year is 2019 and Bruce Wayne is now a old man, when he saves a girl, he starts having a heart problem and picks up a gun and aims it at a kidnapper and almost pulls the trigger, realizing what he almost did, Bruce hangs up his cowl for good. 20 years latter we are introduced to Terry McGinnis a kid who is kind of like Bruce any ways he tells a member of the joker gang to beat it. Terry ends up getting into a fight at school and his dad grounds him, being the rebel that he is, he goes out any ways and hangs with his girl friend Dana. Than the joker gang shows up and starts harassing every one and Terry starts fighting them, he than goes on a epic motorcycle chase that leads him to none other than Wayne manor. Being out numbered by the Joker gang a old man comes out of the gate and says get off my property and starts beating up the Joker gang with his cane. He than needs Terry's help to get to his medicine. On his way out Terry discovers the famous clock , that leads to the bat-cave, he try to save a bat who is trapped in the clock, he opens the door and walks down to the cave and sees all the Batman stuff and says no wonder he knew how to fight. Just than Bruce Wayne and Ace the bat hound show up and Bruce yells get out. Terry McGinnis comes home and his dad had been murdered he finds a disk and brings it to Bruce, they learn that Derek Powers had created a dangerous gas that ate the skin of who ever was exposed and would eventually kill the person. Terry urges Bruce to let him wear the suit and no surprise Bruce said no. Latter Terry steals the suit to get his revenge while in the middle of a fight. Bruce shuts down the suit, but he than realizes that Terry is kind of like him, and starts the suit back up. Later he ends up offering Terry a job to be partners and Terry becomes the new Batman.

Why we need this movie: The show took place in the future(2039) and I forgot to mention there are flying cars. Right now most people know who Bruce Wayne is and not who Terry is. Having a batman in the future would be awesome plus there's new villains to work with such as Bright(Derick Powers) Inque, Joker gang , Venom injected people, The Royal Flush Gang and many more.

The suit: As you can see above there is no cape. This suit is beyond awesome, it has a feature where it can cloak its self and become invisible. no more grappling hooks, the suit has thrusters that come out of the feet and wings that come out of the arms. This suit also gives the user more speed and strength. it also has a thing on the finger so you can listen in on a meeting by touching the window of a building. It also has a radio in the ear piece


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