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We have reached the halfway point of the new Dragon Ball series arc. At least, I think that’s where we are at, considering I’m basing the episode structure from the movie, Battle of Gods. Also yes, you read the rating for this episode correctly. Considering that there’s not much to be surprised by the retelling for Battle of Gods, this episode actually proved to recapture the entertainment that was missing.

This new episode details Lord Beerus and Whis arriving on the cruise ship, where Bulma is having her birthday party. Vegeta meets the god of destruction and is instantly paralyzed by his precedence. Naturally Vegeta recalls his childhood with the memory of the day he saw his father, King Vegeta, on his knees begging Beerus not to kill him or destroy the planet. In this flashback, young Prince Vegeta actually tries to fend off Lord Beerus, only for the end result to be quite painful. Jump back to the present and you see Vegeta in the same spot: unable to move or defend himself, until Bulma pops up and the rest speaks for itself.

*Spoilers Below*

As expected, the process of keeping Lord Beerus happy is told differently, but is still hilarious to watch. Krillin offers Lord Beerus a wasabi meatball and you would think this would be the catalyst, but it doesn’t. Trunks and Goten get careless with their water guns and shower Lord Beerus by accident. Also doesn’t set him off. So, what sets off the God of Destruction this time? Pudding. Glorious pudding. Majin Buu doesn’t want to share and the two actually have a bit of a standoff before exchanging blows. I expected no less, given that it was one of the highlights of the movie to begin with. It’s fun to watch and thankfully the animation doesn’t suffer like the previous episode did. Lord Beerus shows off his formidable power, shaking the heavens. I’m curious to see how differently the next episode plays.

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