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Horror mastermind and overall filmmaking legend Wes Craven has passed due to brain cancer at the age of 76. So I thought it would be great to give my top 5 Craven flicks of all time in his memory, all of which I still watch all the time. Here we go....

5. My Soul To Take

First off, even though this film didn't get a lot of love from critics or fans i really loved the film and saw it as a true return to form for Wes after two films I didn't enjoy much which were Red Eye and Cursed. At the time of the films release Wes had confirmed to be shooting Scream 4 soon but wanted to do another film first. He did such a great job with this film by going back to focusing on high school kids facing a killer on the loose....only this time the supernatural twist on the tale was lingering over the plot the whole time and really paid off as the movies ending twist. I love this film for all of its Wes Craven vibes that were so evident.

4. Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Wes Cravens return to the horror franchise he intitally launched was very intriguing and a great example of early use of meta elements in horror. It was a very great film that truly reinvigorated the franchise that experienced so much fatigue. In essence it was also a preview of all that was to come in another franchise Wes was just beginning to create for fans of horror and people that love to make fun of horror...Scream!

3. Scream 2

This movie built off of a storyline that in no way warranted a sequel whatsoever, and yet by the time it ends you are begging for a third one immediately. This film really had the same vibe as the original and yet you didn't care at all you just wanted to know why someone yet again was trying to kill poor Sidney Prescott and her friends. The intensity is still there and it amps up throughout the film just like the first one, sadly our favorite horror buff played by Jamie Kennedy doesn't make it out alive this time. WHY????

2. Scream 4

This movie really did a great job honoring the original while also making fun of all the horror to come after it. The stakes almost seemed even higher then they had been since the first movie with the "Happy Endings" from the third film being ripped apart to pave way for more bloody shenanigans from Ghostface. It could've gone either way with this movie and Wes pulled it off so well it is borderline his best film in my opinion. He just did such a good job with crafting it whether it was making fun of torture-porn films or even making fun of the franchise itself it all felt genuine. He somehow got me to care for all of these new characters too within the first 20 minutes.

1. Scream

Picture is low quality on purpose. RETRO!
Picture is low quality on purpose. RETRO!

Well big surprise this is my number one. It is the original, the cream of the crop, it makes me as a horror fan get so excited whenever it is mentioned. This movie introduced us to Ghostface and all of the characters we would grow to love. But at this point in the franchise no one was off limits as of suspects. The rules that are talked about in the movie breaks every single one of them just by being so self aware. It really kickstarted a whole new generation of horror. It also broke all the rules by killing off what everyone thought was its leading lady in the first scene of the movie. Wes put all of his dedication and belief into this film and with good reason, it was groundbreaking. The ending was phenomenal in that all of the mainly focused on stars somewhow survived the whole bloodbath.


What are your favorite Wes Craven movies? Sound off in the comments!


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