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The release date of No Man's Sky has become a community-wide joke - much like the fact that Jayden Smith quotes will actually appear in the game. Every time that Sean Murray leaves the offices of Hello Games to show off his beautiful new title, he appears more and more jaded. It's clear that development of No Man's Sky is no easy task for the young developer and his dedicated team. His retort to the question, "When will No Man's Sky get its release date?" has become the stuff of ridicule.

"Soon." That's all that you're likely to get out of Sean Murray in this regard and even he himself seems to be fed up with the answer. At E3 this year, he laughed at the idea of still showing off the game at next year's conference - though you can tell how much that would kill him. His own frustrations are etched across his face and when he can't speak about the madness of developing No Man's Sky, he lets ducks do the talking for him.

Sean Murray On No Man's Sky - "These Ducks Know How I Feel."

Well, it's nice to see that he has a sense of humour about all this! But it makes you naturally inquisitive - what exactly is it about the game that is currently driving its developers insane? Are the issues that No Man's Sky is throwing their way going to push the release date beyond 2015? Sony are most certainly lacking in exclusive titles for the remainder of the year.

However, you could certainly see No Man's Sky becoming their launch title for Project Morpheus in 2016. Naturally, we don't want to think of this highly anticipated game as a 2016 title. But in the words of Shigeru Miyamota, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." We're all willing to wait as long as it takes for No Mans Sky to wrap up development. But we're going to make fun of this period of uncertainty.

Nice work, Pyromorpho!
Nice work, Pyromorpho!

Do You Think No Mans Sky Will Get its Release Date in 2015?

It's impossible for us to say whether this title will actually make it on to the PS4, or even the PC in 2015. I often wonder whether Hello Games knew what they were getting into in terms of developing this extraordinary game. But it's amazing how Sean Murray seems to see no end in sight. A procedurally generated universe is bound to through numerous unforeseeable complications your way and the poor man often seems overcome by these frustrations.

We're all dying to try [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052), but how would you feel about its release date being pushed to 2016? Is it your most anticipated title for 2015? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


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