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If you tuned in for the MTV VMAs last night, you'll know that it was a thrill ride from start to finish. And at the helm of the ship of craziness was none other than the fabulously bizarre host for the evening, Miley Cyrus.

Considering she comes from a musical family, we know that she and her family are VMA and awards show veterans. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, confirmed this by posting a couple of sweet images of himself sporting a show-stopping mullet while carrying baby Miley.

And then one more for good luck...

But these days, the mullet-less Billy Ray has allowed his family to enjoy their time in the spotlight and support Miley.

If you weren't watching the red carpet pre-show yesterday, Miley posted a photo of what the each of the other Cyruses look like today.

Here are Miley and her parents standing alongside her siblings Brandi (28), Braison (21), and Noah (15). From what we can tell, tatted older brother Trace (26) was not in attendance.

To see how much each of the Cyrus children have grown, here's a photo of the Cyrus family at the premiere of Miley's Hannah Montana movie back in 2009.

Man, the difference between the family six years ago and today is pretty staggering. For example, take a look at the youngest members of the Cyrus family tree.

These days Braison is sporting a beard and Noah no longer looks like the little girl who played the voice of Ponyo like she did in 2008.

If last night's show was any indication, Miley Cyrus wasn't lying. She can't stop, she won't stop. And should she? Either way, Miley Cyrus is lucky to have such a supportive family standing by her side!

(Source: MTV, Instagram)


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