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In recent years, Miley has become pretty unrecognizable from the girl she was in her Hannah Montana days. But one thing is clear, love her, or hate her, Miley seems 100% more comfortable in her own skin than ever before. When the announcement came that Miley would be hosting the infamous MTV Video Music Awards this year, people's thoughts went straight to the outfits that she may be wearing. In true Miley style, she did not disappoint with her outfit choices.

In the past, Miley may have had her differences with her dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Thankfully, it looks like these problems may have fizzled out. Billy Ray proudly made live-tweets throughout the show, showcasing his support for his daughter.

It all began with this proud tweet

Then things got a little nostalgic

He debated what his look should be for the VMAs

Billy Ray then let his followers know that his family was ready to party

Followed by a tribute to Elvis

Keeping his followers on tenterhooks for what photos may appear next, Billy Ray then posted this, Awww!

Are we there yet?

Almost there, but still no sneaky peek of the outfits just yet.

Miley came in like a wrecking ball with her red carpet outfit and was surrounded by love from her family

Billy Ray then went ahead and posted some more nostalgia. That's one supportive Pop.

Hanging with the Downeys

Time for some more red carpet family moments

'I have the best, most beautiful, most incredible family in the world'

It's almost show time

Kelly Osbourne then lifted Billy's spirits even higher

Billy is a Belieber

Billy Ray's live-tweets then stopped here

And in case you were wondering, Miley's mom was really excited for her daughter to be hosting too

Mileys hosting the VMAs!!!! Thanks for the cool edit @ismaeledits #mileycyrus #vmas

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Billy Ray Cyrus then shared the advice he has given Miley over the years with Etonline:

"My advice is still the same for Miley as it's always been. Do what you do because you love it, and not because you have to. If you ain't having fun, it ain't working. Enjoy what you're doing and stay positive."

Who does Miley remind Billy Ray of?

"She's always kind of reminded me of a mixture between Lucille Ball and Dolly Parton," Billy Ray said, praising his multi-talented daughter. "And as I watch Miley evolve, she's taking on more and more of those traits."


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