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When it was announced that Miley Cyrus was hosting the 2015 VMAs, the topic on everyone's lips was "what the hell is she going to wear this time?!" After the infamous latex shorts of 2013 drew unfair comparisons to a raw chicken's nether regions, this year's crop of eccentric outfits have prompted a lot more flattering memes pulling up the resemblances between Miley, exhibitionist matadors, chandeliers and more!

Below are a a few of the comparisons the collective mind of the internet churned up amalgamated with some of my own to show the diverse range of objects, animals and icons that Miley invoked at the MTV awards, but if you think you can do better, feel free to add your suggestions to the comments below!

1. Half Fembot...

2. ...Half Chandelier

3. An Exhibitionist Matador

4. Easter M&Ms

5. A Six Pack Ring

6. A Pride Flag

7. Betty Spaghetti

8. Lil Kim Circa 2001 Meets '90s Raver

9. This Cat

10. My Fave Bag

I KNEW I was a trendsetter!

(Source: MTV, Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed)


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