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Varia Fedko-Blake

Sunday night's telecast of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards pulled out all the stops. In terms of crazy host antics, mind-blowing performances and duets, an ample offering of diva beef, incredibly revealing outfits and tits galore, presidential campaign announcements and Justin Bieber's tears, this year's show really delivered.

Yet, despite the VMAs being filmed from every possible angle, it seems that some back-stage shenanigans escaped the media's glare.

Below are 17 titillating moments that you didn't get to see on-screen:

1. When Miley posted an obligatory nude pre-VMA photo

2. When Justin Bieber and his dance troupe were READY!

3. When Taylor's girl squad was out in full force

4. When actress Bella Thorne posted this pic getting red carpet ready

5. When Blac Chyna and Amber Rose had to share that THIS definitely happened on the way to the ceremony

6. When Miley re-created the standard group selfie photo with what looks like the cast of Elf (and Kim, naturally)

7. When Rebel Wilson and Nicki Minaj walked off stage giggling like little girls

8. When the Kardashians proved that family comes first and stick together

9. When Miley hung out with her fashion twin @baddiewinkle

10. When Vanessa Hudgens found out that there were opportunities for optimal puppy snuggling on the red carpet

11. When Kelly Osbourne casually hung out with Biebs and a pal back-stage

12. When Jared Leto tried to be part of the Bad Blood girl squad

13. When Rita Ora had a lot of fun with her feather dress

14. When Nicki and Kim channeled the same color palette

15. Nicki. In general.

16. When Ciara looked similarly fierce

17. And when the burden of hosting the VMAs finally took its toll on a sleepy little angel called Miley!

Until next year, VMAs!



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