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A few years ago, Miley Cyrus's VMA outfit probably would have made front-pages and led to outcries of "Protect the children!" Nowadays, we're all well aware this is what the 22-year-old cultural icon does best. When we heard she would be hosting the MTV VMAs, I'm sure we all expected her to throw on a costume which showed off quite a lot of flesh. She certainly didn't disappoint.

Miley, who was presenting MTV Video Music Awards for the first, stepped out in a Versace's costume which left little to the imagination. The costume, which looks like the love child of Barbarella and a chandelier, might not look like it consists of much, but it actually took months of painstaking design to prepare. Check it out below:

Of course, hardly anyone is surprised by this outfit choice, and although such a get-up would have been described as "controversial" in the not-so-distant past, it's now fairly par for the course when it comes to Miley.

In fact, she had done a pretty good job of mentally preparing us for her costume (or lack thereof) by appearing in a bunch of VMA teasers where she wore basically nothing at all (except some CGI dolphins).

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