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The MTV Video Music Awards started back in 1983, but I think 1995 was the first year that they became as thoroughly iconic as they are now. That was 20 years ago, and while times have certainly changed, they haven't changed nearly as much as you might think.

Take a look at some things that are still exactly the same 20 years later. I'll be drawing direct comparisons from the 1995 show to this past Sunday's 2015 show.

I mean, you had ridiculous oufits...

1995: Dennis Rodman in 1995 may have beat out all of Miley's 2015 outfits.

2015: Shoutout to Miley for cosplaying as The Rainbow.

You had Video Vanguard winners...

1995: R.E.M. graciously accepted their award and kept their speech at a normal-length.

2015: Kanye spoke for entirely too long and announced a 2020 presidential campaign!

Donald Trump wasn't as busy running for POTUS, so he showed up...

1995: Donald Trump took his daughter to the VMAs. Wow. Talk about being in touch with the youth!

2015: Clearly, he's a much busier man nowadays.

Hollywood actors showed up...

1995: Kevin Bacon made an appearance, looking almost exactly the same as he does today.

2015: Jussie Smollett, star of hit show Empire, looked about forty times better in that suit than I probably would.

Michael Jackson and the first man to ever draw legitimate comparisons to him both performed...

1995: Michael Jackson obviously shut it down 20 years ago.

2015: The Weeknd killed it as well, though.

Yes, we have to compare Madonna to Taylor Swift here too... the biggest female stars of their respective times...

1995: Madonna was still killing it at age 37.

2015: Not sure it's fair to compare these two, but if you really think about it... I kind of had no choice.

You had the music industry's biggest troublemaker...

1995: In 1995, it was Courtney Love.

2015: In 2015, it's Miley.

A dude making the same face Justin Bieber usually makes was dating Janet Jackson...

1995: Be happier dude, you're dating Janet Jackson!

2015: Be happier dude, you're a multi-millionaire international popstar!


So, yeah. Not much has changed clearly.

(Via: Buzzfeed)


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