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Awww, here it goes! If you loved the seminal Nickelodeon double act Kenan and Kel as much the later loved a certain carbonated beverage, then you have to see what he looks like now.

Kel Mitchell made an appearance at this weekend's VMAs, where he stunned legions of '90s kids who hadn't seen the actor since their after school TV watching days. Get a load of this:

Apparently guzzling all that orange soda had some pretty magnificent side effects - Kel looks positively dashing!

So, why haven't we seen more of Kel?

Where has he been in my life?

Well, following a brief dabble in Hollywood, starring alongside Ben Stiller in the action/comedy Mystery Men, Kel lent his voice to a number of kids shows, including Clifford the Big Red Dog.

However, perhaps the real reason for Mitchell's seemingly low profile has to do with the fact that he's been somewhat overshadowed by his former co-star Kenan Thompson. Thompson, who you may well recognize as a long-standing Saturday Night Live cast member, has had quite the successful career.

Back in 2003, both of them auditioned for the show, but Kel lost out, causing what must have been one heck of an awkward moment between the duo.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Kel had kicked the bucket shortly after that, as he was the subject of a death hoax in 2006, with the rumor having spread from Myspace. Of course, it was nonsense.

Now, in a case of poetic cyclicism, Kel is returning to the network he was made famous on, starring in Nickelodeon's new video game focused show Game Shakers, which starts on September 12.

Kel, for whatever reason, remains a staple of my childhood memories, so I'm glad he's back on screens to get the chance to make the same impact on the kids of today...god help them.


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