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When I came across these knock-off toys (courtesy of Dangerous Minds), I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud at the featured mistakes throughout. See if you can spot all the errors in this list of famous characters reproduced unofficially. Bonus points if you can make it down to the bottom without having given yourself a headache by the copious amounts of face palming that you probably will find yourself doing.

20. Power Mighty Mutant Turtles

Is it just me, or does this sound twisted?

19. Space Wars

This fails so spectacularly.

18. Iron Storm

Bringing AK-47s to the children.

17. Spader-Man

Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches spades just like flies.

16. New Style Ninja Tortoise

What drugs did this thing take?

15. Cowboy, special mission with John Lennon

Whoever came up with this most wanted feature really should be fired.

14. Knight Rider Becames Robert

No, I don't have any idea of what is going on here either.

13. Amicable Herculean

Yeah, always wanted one of these.

12. Specialman

At least they got the hair style right.

11. Souperman

Apparently 'Your favorite hero is here to save the world!' -- What, with a soup bowl?

10. Batman

Can you imagine the amount of heartbreak if you were the kid receiving this gift?Hoping with all your might that Santa was bringing you a Batman figurine and then this happens.

9. Star Knight

The moment that you wish upon a star and it goes horribly wrong.

8. Monster

Monster, you say?

7. Spook Chasers

Everything is wrong with this.

6. Anna Montana

Apparently 'Anna' sings too, I am so wishing that we could hear her warble.

5. Demon Donkey

Beware of the Demon Donkey, it will steal your soul.

4. Lovely Fairy

Seems legit.

3. Toy Special 3

The more that I look at this one, the funnier it gets.

2. Sassy Jackie

For only 88 cents you can own the one, the only, Sassy Jackie.

2. Sense of Right

One word, Shrek.

1. Nightmare Feddy

Saving the best until last, let me introduce you to the hilarious Nightmare Feddy.

And the award for the worst looking packaging goes to...

If your heart has been captivated by this utterly shitty recreation of Freddy Krueger, then keep an eye on this eBay account where he often appears. The last Feddy was sold for a staggering $59.99, the price is almost as bad as the figure!

Source: DangerousMinds


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