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In their former lives, they were the fairest of them all, but maybe there's a reason why most fairy tales end with that catch-all conclusion "And they lived happily ever after..." Once their movies end, princesses get the guy and often save the day, but can that kind of peaceful happiness really be prolonged?

These fan-made creations imagine a world where our favorite Disney princesses have fallen victim to the pesky zombie apocalypse, and their royal blood was far from enough to save them.

Here's what it looks like when Disney's darlings go from seeking their Prince Charming to

Snow White

Now that she's a zombie (and apparently missing her digestive tract), Snow White has no qualms about eating that poisoned apple with a meaty maggot center.


Typical Cinderella. Even in death, she's still determined to keep at least one glass slipper.


Gabby Untermayerova
Gabby Untermayerova

She finally got a restaurant of her very own, but now Tiana is only concerned with one delicacy: meaty, meaty flesh (frog or human preferred).


Sadly for Pascal, Zombie Rapunzel doesn't discriminate between humans and chameleons when she's looking for a light snack.


Rob Carlos,
Rob Carlos,

It looks like Cinderella may have been killed when her chariot reverted back into a pumpkin, but her undead self is going to get the last laugh.


Always the brainy gal, even the reanimated Belle sees the benefits of tools and could be the most formidable zombie on the list.


Being underwater, it's likely that Ariel's body would start decomposing at a rapid rate, but this hasn't stopped her from still mastering that classic pin-up pose.


Gabby Untermayerova
Gabby Untermayerova

Agrabah is about to become a whole new world of gruesome devastation.


What would Grandmother Willow say when faced with this grisly shell of the former princess?



Something tells me the King and Queen will wish that Aurora had stayed asleep.

Lastly, this awesome comic imagines a very different outcome for Prince Phillip and Aurora

Now, as much as I appreciated the twisted take on this tale in Maleficent, I must admit that this is the kind of updated Disney movie I would immediately go to the theater for.


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