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J.K. Rowling is a fantastic human for two reasons: firstly, she greatly improved our childhoods by creating the wonderful wizarding world that is Harry Potter, and secondly, she always finds the time to engage with her Twitter followers - she's perfectly happy to answer trivial questions or drop the odd golden nugget of Potter information from time to time.

And this time, when a Twitter user tweeted the world-famous author this week about an issue close to her heart, J.K. was similarly quick to reply.

The lack of clarity surrounding the Hogwarts Houses

A Potterhead reached out to Rowling with a very important question. A few years ago, Dominika was sorted into Slytherin on the Potterhead website, but after taking the test again the other day, she was shocked to find out that her allegiance had changed and that she was now in Hufflepuff!

Naturally astounded, she tweeted J.K. to find out what that might mean - and the answer she received made our jaws drop.

"You're a Slytherpuff!"

In a shocking revelation, Dominika found out that the Sorting Hat was in fact correct and that she belonged in a house that is a mash-up of the two. Rowling also revealed that Hybrid Hogwarts House allocations were rare, but they do sometimes happen.

Here's the exact tweet interaction:

Well, this certainly changes everything.

Because if Slytherpuff actually does exist, as J.K. has confirmed, there are many questions to be asked.

For example: How does Hogwarts deal with this type of allocation? Do these "rare" students wear a different uniform? Do they split their time between two common rooms? Can they choose which Quidditch team to support?

The Sorting Hat's "Hatstall"

In the past, J.K. has revealed that the Sorting Hat can experience a five-minute stall when sorting future students into their respective houses. This phenomenon can occur when it feels that the person has traits equally suitable to more than one house.

Known cases have been Professor McGonagall and Peter Pettigrew. Similarly, although Hermione ended up in Gyffindor, she was almost sorted into Ravenclaw for her bravery and high intelligence. In such cases, the Hat also takes the individual's preferences into account, so that's what must have happened in her case.

However, the existence of an actual hybrid house has not been officially mentioned until now!

Please Jo! We want to know more!

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