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Controversy surrounds Miley Cyrus like a moth to a flame. However, rather than shying away from the limelight, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer has chosen to embrace her fame, using her popularity as an opportunity to shed light on issues that affect millions around the globe.

In an in depth interview with Elle UK, Miley has opened up about everything from her recent VMA's gig, to charity work, nudity and, for the first time, describes specifically what her sexuality means to her.

Ever the provocateur, Cyrus has widened eyes and divided crowds with her bold outfits and unabashed demeanor. After that steamy parking lot fumble with Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, it became increasingly clear that the singer is not comfortable with the constrictions of attaching labels to one's identity. Although she has identified herself as Queer previously, in the interview she discusses what that means for her in particular:

"I'm 22, I'm going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I'm with. I'm very open about it; I'm pansexual. But I'm not in a relationship."

For those unaware of the meaning of pansexuality, Urban Dictionary defines it as:

"One who can love sexuality in many forms. Like bisexuality, but even more fluid, a pansexual person can love not only the traditional male and female genders, but also transgendered, androgynous, and gender fluid people."

In other words, Miley loves everybody. A fact that makes her a brilliant activist for the LGBTQ community.

Additionally, her definition of gender does not just refer to whomever she's attracted to, it also affects how she views herself:

"I don't relate to what people have made men and women into. I know I'm more extreme and badass than most guys, but that doesn't make me a boy. And the other night I wore a pink dress because I felt cute. I can bake a cupcake and then go play hockey."

Standing up for anxiety and low self esteem, the 22-year-old talked of how her own insecurities have helped to shape her into the daring and tolerant young woman she's become.

"I've had really bad anxiety and depression in my life and a lot of that stemmed from the way I look. Now I really try not to give a f--k. If you're funny enough and cool enough and confident, that's what will make you feel beautiful."

Many argue that Miley dresses in a provocative manner to gain attention, and it seems she would agree. However, rather than viewing this as a negative, she believes she uses her spotlight to gain space in the public sphere to discuss issues which matter to her:

"If you get your t--s out, and they are all looking, then you can use that space to say something and get them to listen."
"I was kind of embarrassed that I got paid money to shake my ass in a teddy bear costume. I should not be worth the amount I am while people live on the streets."

This approach fueled the initiative for 'The Happy Hippie Foundation,' a charity founded by the 'We Can't Stop' singer, whose mission is to "rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations."

Well, if Miley Cyrus can do her part to make the world a more tolerant place, I'm backing it!


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