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After a shaky start in the US, the international box office has been kind to [Terminator Genisys](tag:34872). The numbers from China are finally rolling in, pushing Terminator 5 to a respectable $409.3 million worldwide. While not enough to make it a smash hit, these earnings may prove to be Genisys' saving grace: films like [Pacific Rim](tag:204401) that performed well overseas despite a modest domestic reception have proved lucrative enough for sequels. So we may yet see [Terminator 6](tag:3495236) hit cinemas in 2016, as originally planned by Paramount.

And that's not all: a year before Genisys was even released, news broke that Skydance were on track to develop a tie-in TV show, even going so far as to get executive producers and writers on board. And despite doubts cast by Terminator Genisys' initial poor reception, it looks like a TV show is still being considered. But with so many different iterations of the same story, how would this new show intrigue an audience? And how would it tie in to the movies?

Exodus From Genisys

Terminator 5 was a pretty ambitious film, with a lot to achieve in its 2 hour run time. Genisys had to establish a connection to the first two films, endearing itself to fans of the franchise, but branch off into a new plotline that would create its own timeline and leave plenty of plot fodder for future films. And it did achieve that, but unfortunately this made the film seem pretty busy and left us with a lot of unanswered questions. Enjoyable? Yes. Confusing? Also yes.

Kickass? Definitely!
Kickass? Definitely!

But luckily all our questions will soon be answered in Terminator 6.... if we get a Terminator 6. Which looks likely at this point, but there's still no official word from Paramount. However, director Alan Taylor pin pointed the hanging plot points (or plot holes) from Genisys that the sequel will explore.

"Yes, the looming questions are, ‘Who sends Pops back? Where did Skynet get it together to attack John Connor? How did that happen?’ And there are answers to these things that are not provided in this movie, instantly."

According to writer Laeta Kalogridis, Terminator 6 will focus on Matt Smith's new Skynet, and the mystery behind his character's origins will take the Terminator films in a whole new direction. You've seen travel to different time periods, now get ready for: travel to different timelines!

That's right, this Skynet is from a future we've never seen before, and he's visited multiple timelines before he found the perfect place to kidnap John Connor. This timeline-hopping technology is a great jumping off point for both Terminator 6 and a new TV show, as it provides a fresh concept for the story to go in many different directions.

Terminator 6 will clearly deal with Skynet's resurrection after his initial defeat, as well as the prospect of inter-timeline travel. So how could the TV show use this twist? And is a new series really the best thing for the Terminator franchise?

New Show, New Direction

Looking to the future
Looking to the future

When we last heard from the Skydance execs about a new Terminator TV show, they were optimistic, revealing that they wanted it to feed into a wider universe that would connect with the films (a la Marvel's Cinematic Universe).

"Anything we do along those lines, it will absolutely have connective tissue. It would be a mistake and a little old-fashioned to have a television show and a movie, both based on something that actually don’t cross over in any way, shape, or form."

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles veterans Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are on board as executive producers of the budding show, but that's about all the news we've heard about the spin-off so far. It would be optimistic of Paramount to consider sequels AND a TV show to complement them after Terminator Genisys wasn't a huge success domestically, especially as a TV show would be geared firmly at a US audience. (Though a platform like Netflix might provide a shoe-in to the international market, and Skydance have worked with them before on [Grace and Frankie](tag:1283324)...)

But there's plenty of plot room for a TV show to work: could we see a future war affected by the Genisys changes, still vicious but taking a completely different turn? How about a prequel that explains who sent Pops back? Or maybe something completely different, as the writers joked in this interview...

Patrick Lussier: It’s Terminator in the Wild West!
Laeta Kalogridis: [laughs] I believe at one point there was a version of that.

Ok, they were kidding, but this sounds like a pretty fun idea to me!

Right now it's a waiting game until Paramount decide whether to green light Terminator 6. So what do you think: is a TV show what the Terminator franchise needs? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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