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Some people are gonna look at this post and be like wait did he just say spider-man is better than superman? Well yes I did and yes superman would destroy spider-man just because of all the powers that he has. But personalty and just character wise spider-man is much cooler than superman. Lets get into the 10 reasons why hes better.

1.Spider-man was born on earth.

Spider-man was born to earthly parents who later died in a very tragic plane crash. Superman was born on krypton and his parents sent him away to earth to avoid the extinction. Hence superman is an alien adopted by human parents as an infant. Can we seriously consider an alien to be the greatest superhero on earth? No, surely it should be one of our own! Peter Parker (Homosapen) Is willing and able to represent his kind. We do sorta have to give it to superman though for stepping up and doing his thing but then again its not like he exactly had a home to go back to. Spider-man is all human and all superhero.

2. Doesn't wear a silly cape.

i'm not gonna lie when I say that I think that superman's costume really really sucks and ill get into that more later. Spider-man does not wear a cape giving a lot of tactical advantages in combat. His suit is made of spandex and he doesn't have to worry about a cape getting in his way. Like lets picture this say your superman and your in some crazy hand to hand combat with some local villain and boom you step on the hem of your cap you fall and give your opponent the upper edge. See spider-man doesn't have to worry about this issue and besides spider-man suit looks much better than superman's.

3. Not afraid of a lump rock

Spider-man Will fight any foe on any given day without fear. He does not have to run in fear of some weakness that will stab him in the back when he is needed most. But superman he has to be aware and afraid of a nice green rock. To be honest you would think that superman's weakness would be like a 10 headed monster that will tear you limb from limb. Or maybe a deadly laser that can penetrate his impenetrable body. But no superman runs in fear of a great green rock. Catch this stone superman.

4. Spider-man's powers work anywhere

Most people know and understand that superman's powers will only work around a yellow sun. When superman gets away from the yellow sun he's basically useless. So lets say Louis lane is captured by darkseid and taken to an area without a yellow sun. Well superman would be destroyed and utterly useless. But if spider-man needed to travel around the Galaxy he wouldn't have to worry about his powers not working. Spider-man is helpful not only by a yellow sun but everywhere.

5.Spider-man is amazing

one of the coolest spidey suits.
one of the coolest spidey suits.

So lets get into the actual definition of the name amazing spider-man. Amazing means something that is so wonderful that it tops everything else. Super means very or really. So if you want to get technical superman means very or really man.

6. Does not wear underwear on the outside....

One of the worst things about superman I think is his costume. I mean it looks ridiculous, they did make it look much better in man of steel but seriously he's wearing underwear on the outside of his pants. Talk about being a great inspiration to the youth of america. I guess wearing underwear on the outside can impact a lot of people. Spider-man saves us a sight and keeps is underwear inside his pants.


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