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Justin Bieber's name has become more associated with douchbaggery than smash hits over the past couple of years, thanks to the pop star's unsavory antics and antisocial behavior, but it looks like the 21-year-old has been bowled over with the emotion of focusing on what truly matters to him once more: his career.

After his high energy mashup of 'Where Are Ü Now/What Do You Mean," Bieber was plunged into darkness to deliver some emotional words of wisdom to his legions of screaming fans, he told the audience that:

"Life is a journey. Sometimes a battle. Always the unexpected. Sometimes you focus on the destination and forget to focus on that journey. When you fall it allows you to get up stronger. It allows you not to lean on your own understanding, give in to fate… Believe in something bigger than yourself and find your purpose."

Once his inspirational speech was over, Bieber performed some pretty impressive midair backflips in a shaft of light before landing and breaking down with the sheer emotion of it all.

Although the cynical among us might be inclined to say that Bieber's sobs were a calculated publicity stunt, it doesn't seem like that was the case, or if it was, the startled host, Miley Cyrus, certainly didn't get the memo! Once Justin started weeping, Cyrus seemed confused about what she should do to keep the show on the road because it was clearly not on script, as you can see at the end of the video below:

I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to feel a lot of empathy for Bieber. After all, he's only 21 years old and has faced a barrage of hatred for years. Yes, his actions have been undeniably despicable in the past, but we should all try and hold our prejudices back and allow him to turn over a new leaf, if that's what he truly means to do.

(Source: MTV)


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