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American Horror Story stars Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are back on!

After ending their engagement only a couple months ago, the pair have decided to give their relationship another shot. Maybe it's the fact that both of these up-and-coming actors have played reanimated corpses in the past that makes them so ready for second chances.

Evan and Emma were together for three years before abruptly ending their plans for a wedding in June. Sources told Us Weekly that their conflicting schedules and constant bickering were to blame.

Their romance has certainly been a tumultuous one. In 2013, Emma was arrested for domestic violence after getting into a physical altercation with Evan that left him with a bloody nose and bite marks. Since no charges were filed, she was ultimately released and nothing came of it.

Let's hope that this time around, Evan and Emma can keep their hands to themselves and have the kind of Hollywood romance they're seeking.

(Source: Us Weekly)


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